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most of us associate sue with lots of calories but they can be made with ingredients that will actually help you lose weight today's video will discuss three delicious and effective fat burning soups before you watch this video please take a moment to subscribe our YouTube channel by clicking the subscribe button then tap the bell icon so you will be the first to know when we post new videos daily for many soup is perfect any time of year even during the hot days of summer for others the arrival of cold days is what invites them to enjoy a comforting and filling Bowl by adding certain ingredients we can turn a bowl of soup into the ideal choice for losing weight we'll show you a few recipes for fat burning soups that are both rich and effective here are a few delicious and effective recipes 1 leek soup leeks are delicious and filling they add a unique flavor to foods and are perfect for making a fat burning soup ingredients 1 large whole leek 1 onion 1 clove of garlic 1 carrot 1 litre vegetable broth a little with olive oil salt and pepper directions 1 cut and chop the leek as small as you can do the same with the onion and clove of garlic 2 pour a little olive oil into a saucepan and sauté the chapt ingredients 3 peel and cut the carrot into cubes added to this saucepan when the leeks and onions have browned a little pour the vegetable stock over the vegetables and salt and pepper to taste 4 cook for 20 minutes 5 removed from heat and put in a food processor or blender mix until creamy six-feet before serving – cabbage tomato and celery soup the ingredients in this soup are really healthy and filling they help burn fat and prevent snacking between meals make it in a large casserole dish then divide into portions to eat throughout the week ingredients 1/2 cabbage 6 onions 6 Tomatoes 3 celery stalks 2 green peppers salt and pepper water or vegetable broth directions 1 chap the cabbage as small as possible julienne the onions and cut the tomatoes into cubes 2 slice the celery and peppers into thin strips add the vegetables to the casserole dish and fill 3/4 full with water or broth 3 add salt and pepper to taste and cook for at least 30 minutes or until all the ingredients are tender 4 turn off heat and eat before it cools really deep serving before eating 3 asparagus soup asparagus is much richer than you might think and can be eaten any time of year it doesn't contain a lot of calories and it's really filling this recipe for soup makes use of this delicious ingredient to help you lose weight during the cold winter months ingredients 1 bunch asparagus 1 potato 1 leek 1/2 litre vegetable broth or water salt and pepper directions 1 peel the potato and cut into small cubes cook with water and a little salt over low heat 2 dice the leek and add to the pot remove the top base of the asparagus and slice before adding to the soup 3 add some more water in a broth salt and pepper to taste and cook until everything is tender 4 removed from heat and process in a food processor or blender until creamy 5 heat before serving which recipe do you like let me know in our comment section below if you like this video give it a thumbs up and share with your friends for more daily tips subscribe to our channel below thank you


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Fat burning Foods

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Fat burning Foods


Fat burning Foods

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