6 Surprising Benefits Of Broccoli You Should Know For A Healthy Life

six surprising benefits of broccoli you should know for a healthy life broccoli is also beneficial for teeth and bones as it is rich in zinc magnesium and phosphorus people who have a deficiency of calcium must have broccoli once in a day so guys start adding broccoli in your diet broccoli is one of the most nutritious vegetables which can be eaten in both cooked and raw form raw broccoli contains more sulforaphane than the cooked ones one good for pregnancy since it is full of nutrients which is essential for a pregnant women as it contains protein calcium vitamins and iron two promotes hair growth broccoli contains vitamin A C and calcium which helps to grow strong in silky smooth hair while eliminating fizzy and dry hair broccoli seed oil contains a unique fatty acid which provides a shine to hair three weight loss the most interesting benefit is that broccoli can effectively help you lose weight broccoli is high in dietary fiber vitamins and minerals and low in calories and fat for anti-aging benefit and healthy skin eating broccoli renews your skin quickly and gives a beautiful natural glow as it contains vitamin C which has an antioxidant properties that fights against free radicals v healthy heart broccoli helps to protect the blood vessels from damage and also regulates blood pressure that prevents a heart attack six protection from skin cancer sulforaphane and broccoli provides protection against UV radiation by controlling the redness medically known as erythema thank you for watching the video please subscribe my channel for more videos


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