7 Foods that help you lose weight naturally

7 Foods that help you lose weight naturally    After years of carrying a type of diet, when you have the goal of losing weight, it may seem complicated to change it

But this is made easier when you choose to lose weight naturally with foods that have properties to help you According to a study by the Harvard School of Public Health, constant weight gain can be directly related to what foods we eat and the quantity of food we consume The way to eat fewer calories is not simply to count them, but to concentrate on the consumption of a healthier diet in general, "Dariush Mozaffarian, author of the study   Therefore, and so you can start now, we share the following foods that will help you lose weight 1

Goji berries This food has a high fiber content, 21%, so it helps you feel satisfied longer and your body consumes less The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recognizes them as a positive complement to diets 2 Peanuts

This dry fruit contributes 85 / 100gr fiber, which facilitates the elimination of waste that the body does not need, such as toxins that makes you gain weight Also because of its low glycemic index, it can treat diabetes  Raquel Pérez de León, a specialist in clinical and sports nutrition by the Real Madrid University Studies School, indicates that natural or roasted peanuts are an excellent snack

3 Prunes Pérez de León, states that they provide a large amount of fiber, which gives you satiety among other things, also contain antioxidants (flavonoids) and help eliminate toxins from the body 4 Mushrooms

Bonnie Taub-Dix, nutritionist author of the book "Read it before you eat it", explains that these are low in calories, without fat, cholesterol, and gluten, but also have a high amount of selenium, potassium and vitamin D, among others What controls the weight if consumed regularly 5 Sweet potato and yam A medium sweet potato (with the skin), indicates the nutritionist, contributes approximately 100 calories, is full of fibers, beta-carotene (vitamin A) and vitamin B6

Contrary to popular belief, these foods actually help the metabolism of insulin, increase energy and make you feel sated, so you will forget about excesses 6 Dandelion The renowned doctor Mehmet C Oz, coauthor of "You on a diet", indicates that this one has many healthy proteins, reason why it stimulates the flow of the bile of the body, which is vital for the decomposition of the fats

It is also a mild diuretic that eliminates fluids 7 Almonds Although almonds are relatively high in fat and calories, several studies show that eating them can actually help you lose weight, thanks to proteins, fibers, and monounsaturated fats provides the feeling of fullness Losing weight naturally with rich foods will not only help you achieve your goal, it will also give you the necessary properties to feel healthy

Remember that a balanced diet should be accompanied by exercise (SOURCE: http://wwwsalud180com) To learn more about 7 Foods that help you lose weight naturally, please SUBSCRIBE to this channel, SHARE this video with others, LIKE it, COMMENT and DOWNLOAD the book FREE by clicking the IMAGE ON THE RIGHT or the link in the DESCRIPTION below


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