Activate Fat-Burning Hormones In Just 4 Steps

Activate Fat-Burning Hormones In Just 4 Steps Remove all foods high in sugar; starchy veggies; and half of your carbs, especially grains and rice; and then workout with light weights for 30 minutes every other day Your body will build new muscles from the protein and burn fat for energy for the next 12–48 hours after the workout

Here is my challenging but effective 3-step fat-burning approach: STOP Consuming ALL Sugar! Eat A Lot Of Vegetables With Beans Eat Less And Stick To A Tight Eating Schedule Add Some Light Weight Training And/Or Juice Fasting

A juice fast will further force the body to lose more weight if this type of therapy is suitable or necessary If you cannot work out every day, the next option is to take up juice fasts and eat only 2 meals a day Make your choice – workout or eat a lot less This is the final focus of my weight-loss program since good eating habits, food combining, and meal planning should be done first Additionally, a colon cleanse and liver detoxification are absolutely necessary to successfully lose weight and naturally keep it off

Good digestion and being able to restrict food intake is important


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Fat burning Foods

Like Soup? Drop fat….

Fat burning Foods


Fat burning Foods

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