Ayurveda Course Trailer, Lifestyle Choices for Healthy Living

you can change your life you can feel amazing every single day and you can do it starting now my name is Jess York and I'm an ayurvedic practitioner in Aspen Colorado during this course we are going to learn the basic principles of Ayurveda as well as an introduction to the three doshas the doshas our bio energies in ayurvedic and once you determine your constitution you can use that information to decide what foods and other lifestyle choices you could make to have the most benefit to your health the benefit of learning this information about yourself is that it's going to empower you to take charge of your health to help you get off maybe some prescription medications that have adverse side effects and to just generally get reconnected to nature a return to nature is a radical concept take responsibility for your own well-being and join me on this revolutionary Ayurvedic journey to your best health yet and mind and body and its spirit


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Fat burning Foods

Like Soup? Drop fat….

Fat burning Foods


Fat burning Foods

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