Chapli Kabab Recipe | A Ground Beef Easy Healthy Recipes

Hello! Today I am going to share an easy recipe of ground beef chapli kababs These chapli kababs are healthier and easier I took 300 grams of minced beef / finely ground beef I will add one teaspoon of table salt, low sodium salt can be added here too

One tablespoon of red chili powder One third teaspoon of ajwain or caraway One tablespoon of dried coriander powder One teaspoon of gram masala powder, a mixture of dried mix masala One and a half tablespoon of dried coriander as I crushed its seeds into two parts One tablespoon of roasted and crushed cumin seeds, I slight ground it One whole beaten egg as the egg is one of the best healthiest diet One tablespoon of dried pomegranate seeds This dried pomegranate seeds are healthier than local once’s tasty and tasty I prepare easily it at my home, you can watch its recipe by clicking the link on the above of this video or in the description Kindly must try this easy recipe once, you will love in it One tablespoon of butter as butter in chapli kebabs tastes very delicious Chapli Kabab actually made with roughly chopped spices, so don’t use full grind spices in it I finely chopped a big sized onion and drained its water out

One green chilly chopped One big sized chopped tomato Two tablespoons of finely chopped green coriander One and a half tablespoons of ginger paste One and a half tablespoons of garlic paste These are true spices if you want to make real Chapli Kabab In this recipe the usage of Green spices is more than dried spices Onion and tomato taste is simply awesome in it And due to onion and tomato it remain juicy But it is not an easy task to make chapli kabab with these juicy ingredients So the solution is flour as you can make kababs easily, you can add corn flour too, but the main and real ingredient is plain full grain flour

Mix it well and keep it in the fridge to make batter perfect as flour will absorb the juices of vegetables Check the batter after half an hour and it is perfect for fry now The batter doesn’t stick with your hands if applied some water Take a small ball of batter and press with hands And by pressing the batter give it the shape of chapli kabab Tomato is the main ingredient of chapli kababs and are judged by their tomatos in the center Equal the chapli kabab from both sides Original chapli kababs shapes are lengthy and rectangle Olive oil is best for every person even he is patient or not Put the kabab in pan very carefully This healthy recipe of kebabs is the best for body growth for strength of bones and nerves system and brain function These kababs are so fragile Turn aside with care These are high protein chapli kabab recipe and you can enjoy this healthy kababs with salad only This is the best source to get the instant energy easily and as I fried it in olive oil And the ground beef is without fat, so these kebabs are very healthy and light weight Fry them light brown Healthy and tasty chapli kababs are ready If you want more healthy recipes for every member of your family than subscribe our healthy cooking channel Bye bye


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