Healthy Breakfast Bar Recipe – 3-Ingredients Oat, Apple and Almond

I hope like these recipes these Apple and Almond slices or you could do them as squares if all cookies if you prefer but I do like them in the kind of the square shape they've done them here just it's a really efficient way to do them really quickly you don't have to shape them individually you just push them into the pan and then slice them however you want them I'm using cooking apples though so I'm using bramley cooking apples and this is just because I've got a huge show in my back garden and there's so many apples that come out of it so you want to use about three large ones and family apples are quite large ones so if you're using smaller apples you might want to use quite a bit more but with all of my recipes they're full of natural produce that does very alot in size sweetness and everything else so something you just want to play by ear I'm not peeling either my apples or my almonds this just because the skin has so much the nutrients in it next the skin actually in the skin and also when you blend the skin it does look quite nice in the end result without it it would look a bit gray you do get these speckles of the dark green apple skin and the dark brown almond skin and it adds a bit of texture as well to the final breakfast bar you do not soak your almonds this overnight is best but if you're short of time just 15 minutes in warm water is enough soaking and sprouting almonds makes it easier for the body digest yes I say you're going to absorb more of that good stuff in it it's been part of many cultures for many years and I think it's something worthwhile doing to pretty much all your nuts apart from cashew nuts this recipe is best made in a food processor just because it's a bit where it's also a bit dry you can do it a blender if you prefer but you're gonna have to do it probably batches and if it's a small one scrape down the sides lots but it works very well and a food processor and it only takes two to three minutes I'm using gluten free oats this recipe oats are naturally gluten free though they have a substance that's similar to gluten which is I forget its actual name but it's called oat gluten but 80% of people that have problems with normal gluten can handle oat gluten if it's gluten-free oats and gluten-free oats are where they've been grown apart from a being process and places apart from wheat gluten so you don't get any cross-contamination the gluten I hope you like this basic recipe I've kept it just three ingredients to be simple and straight-forward but it's meant for people to adapt it to however they like it I personally like it with a bit of raisins and cinnamon and also I think if we work quite well with some chocolate chips or just dipped in actual chocolate or maybe some blueberries mixed into the mixture or even if you're a fan of carrot cakes some carrot slices and chopped pecan nuts baked in the base but do let me know how you get on if you've got any comments or questions do let me know down below and if you link through to the full recipe there'll be lots of comments or questions there if you have any more but if you did enjoy give me a thumbs up and like and subscribe for more like this


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