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hey everyone and welcome back it to my channel and welcome to a new video today I'm sharing with you with some delicious healthy breakfasts featuring these pumpkin spice latte donuts which you guys went crazy for when I leaked a little sneak peek on my ancestry so make sure you're following there so you see all the big Peaks and let's get into it so the first thing we're making are these delicious pumpkin spice latte donuts I'm starting off with some pumpkin I love pumpkin it's rich in fiber it's got beta-carotene which makes it like that orange color you've got lots of potassium as well which helps to bounce the electrolytes in your body to that I'm gonna be adding in a tablespoon of espresso you can also use a strong coffee either or and along with some coconut oil which helps to stabilize our blood sugar and the healthy fats keep you full to kind of shut down that hunger hormone but that makes you have cravings it makes you kind of like get hungry quick I'm adding a little bit of maple syrup for sweetness along with an egg just to help everything bind I haven't tried this with the flax egg so if you try it with a flax egg and it works it let me know and you should mix that all together until you get it nice and smooth and everything is combined then I'm gonna be adding in a little bit of coffee extract so I'm using this in place of vanilla if you don't have coffee extract you can definitely use vanilla in this but I think the coffee extract just really complements a little bit of espresso we added in and really gives that Coffee pumpkin spice latte flavor so then I'm adding in some coconut flour coconut flour is really high in fiber which is why I love it and it helps to balance your blood sugar because of that high fiber and then I'm adding in a tablespoon of tapioca flour now if you don't have coconut flour or tapioca flour I will leave some substitutions in the description box below but then just adding in some baking soda and baking powder which basically just helps with the rising and developing of the batter so just fold everything into it until it's nice and smooth and everything is blended and you still want to overmix it so just mix it until everything is combined but don't mix it too much then I'm going to just put that into a plastic bag so that we can pipe it you don't have to pipe it into your donut mold but I find you get like a really nice donut shape if you just put it into beg you cut a hole and you can make these nice fun shapes so this one made for doughnuts for me if you want you can double it and make more but I like having these fresh and I store them in the fridge after so I like making about four at a time while those are in the oven I'm making a little glaze with some almond butter and some pumpkin spice and I kind of just stir that together until it's nice and smooth and again just adding in a little bit of coffee extract so that the glaze really has that coffee flavor in it as well once your donuts are cooled you can dip them into your clays and you want to make sure they're cooled otherwise the glaze will kind of just run off the sides because the heat of the donut will melt like the almond butter even more and then I'm just putting that on a wire rack to kind of cool some more and hard in a bit more again you really want to wait until like the donuts are cooled I would say about 10-15 minutes until you glaze them and then like I said I just store these in the fridge and oh my gosh guys they're amazing they're so moist they're so decadent they feel like an indulgence you can't even tell that they're healthy for you next up we're making egg in a squash I used to love egg in a hole when I was a kid and I thought this would be a fun like fall inspired twist so I'm taking an acorn squash and just slicing that into big chunks you can really use anything can use baronet's squash or any kind of like squash you like I like acorn because it's really high in antioxidants and also decreases inflammation and it's great for your skin as well gives you the a really nice glow so I'm scooping out the center which has all like the seeds in it and you guessed it guys this is the hole where we are going to be putting our egg so just scoop the inside of the seeds yeah out of your hole and then I'm putting that onto a baking sheet and we're going to be baking that now you're gonna bake this for a little bit before we add the egg so I like to meal prep these and then in the morning up I just throw the egg and this in the oven and it's good to go once they've been cooking for about 15 minutes you can go ahead and add your egg into the center and then pop them in for 12 minutes and they make a such a delicious fun breakfast I've brought this to clinica brought this to school before it may were perfect and lastly we're making this child she had pudding she'll try it so warming in the fall time so I'm starting off of course with some chia seeds loaded with omega-3 it's healthy fats help keep you full taxied again also filled with healthy fats fiber help balance blood sugar and keep you regular and then I'm adding in some almond milk you can do cashew milk hemp milk whatever kind of nut or seed milk that you like 2/3 of a cup and we're gonna be adding not in then I'm putting it in a little bit of vanilla for flavor I really find vanilla is a key and chia pudding it really makes a difference and then I'm adding in some chai spice you can just find it on Amazon in your grocery store but it has all the blends of like cardamom nutmeg cinnamon all these really great warming spices that are perfect for fall and their lows antioxidants you guys have seen my chia pudding video you know my secret hack to the best chia pudding and that's adding in some full fat coconut milk not only is this great for your gut because it helps to replenish that lining and rebuild it but it tastes so decadent and rich and makes it wonderfully creamy healthy fats help keep you full it's just a winner all around so if you're not adding canned full fat coconut milk to your chia pudding you've got to get on that so you just whisk that together and then I'm making some caramelized banana so I'm going the extra mile here you don't have to but I'm taking this vanilla G and then I'm putting the bananas on there to caramelize so this is a quarter of banana I sliced it really thin so that we get a little bit of the sweetness we get some fun caramelized bananas but we're not adding too much sugar to this so they just cook on the stovetop for about like 3-4 minutes added some cinnamon wonderful just flip them about halfway through but they get so fragrant and so yummy and their sweetness is actually brought out when you cook them I'm throwing a little bit of pumpkin seeds on top you can put whatever you like on your chia pudding more granola a different kind of nut or seed and then topping that with my caramelized bananas on the top as well guys I think I'm gonna caramelize blini I was like every time I make chia pudding that because it was just so good if you have the time to even make prep this they'll stay good in the fridge I'm adding on some bee pollen which is great cuz it boosts your immune system and in this change of season I could do all the immune boosting possible and then of course a little drizzle of almond butter I love almond butter I'm pretty much everything so chia pudding is no exception and I just love to like take a scoop full and then he had the swirl the almond butter and a caramelized banana and the yummy chia pudding and it's so creamy and so I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you try them out be sure to tag me on instagram because i'm always sharing all your creations and guys you need to make these dogs I mean you need to make everything but these donuts I am obsessed with I've already made more twice they're just so delicious so I hope you guys are having a great day and I'll see you in my next video


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