Healthy Oil-Free Roasted Chickpeas | Oil-Less Garbanzo & Peas Snack Recipe

hello everyone please welcome and join me Easy Steps cooking today I'm going to share with you a very easy and quick recipe I'm going to make today garbanzo bean we call it kabuli chole or chite chole and I'm going to do it with sweet pea the chickpeas I'm going to open it you can open with the hand can always take advantage of the Machine it's really easy and fast to do it if you have the Machine otherwise you always can open it with the hand as I've shown to you I'm going to drain the water and I'm going to wash it with the cold water and this is going to be oil-free oil-less cooking and it will be healthy snack so I have a 2 cup 1 cup peas as for the spices I'm going to use the deggi mirch amchur which is mango powder you can use always fresh lemon juice dry cilantro which is a dhaniya mango powder salt degi mirch black pepper 1/2 tsp each 1 tsp cilantro get a mixing bowl the best way to do it bring all the dry ingredients spices mix them once all the spices are combined together I'm going to take them out I'm going to bring the garbanzo bean and sweet peas you can use the sweet peas fresh but these are frozen and just combine them spices we combine together I'm going to sprinkle them all over just like that and then keep mixing so we're going to put it again and mix it well keep mixing this is all we need to do so I'm going to use the airfryer garbanzos and sweet peas we're going to put it and we need to make sure that they are spread evenly so we're going to cook them in air for for 10 minutes and we're going to cook them and I'm going to turn them on at 400 degrees Fahrenheit to 10 minutes it's already started after 5 minutes I'm going to open it and then we're going to shake it so make sure that the bottom once you bring it on top and I'll share with you it's exactly 5 minute I'm going to open it look at these and now this is what I was saying we're going to shake them and now we're going to put it back again we're going to put it back and it's gonna start itself and it's gonna start from the 5 minutes where it left off one more minute to go we almost done it's all done and we're going to wait for the final beep and it's already beeping ready look at this delicious and quick and easy to make snack take the basket out see how the crunchy they are our quick and easy garbanzo beans with the sweet pea snack is ready they are so tasty and super delicious please try it and you're going to like it if you like this dish please like share and subscribe easy steps cooking thank you and have a good day bye bye


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