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what up guys and welcome back to the fit men cook kitchen whew let me tell you I'm excited about today's recipe because I got some real special and spicy for you we're making a Latin inspired recipe that's right a shrimp ceviche for meal prep this has got to be one of my top five foods of all time like I love ceviche and I just got back from Colombia was there doing this this incredible fitness conference called La Feria Fit and I went to one of my favorite restaurants there's called Pisgah and it's run by my friend who is a chef there his name is Alex and he makes the most incredible ceviche ever even though we were in Colombia the dude can cook some Peruvian food like none other and it just really brought me back to the first time I actually had ceviche so if you've never had it before what it is is seafood that has been cured in this delicious succulent citrus juice today I want to actually take and put my own spin on ceviche usually you will have it with your fish or something like a squid or some scallops you want to always use higher quality seafood because you're going to be basically curing raw fish inside of some citrus juice and so you want to make sure that you have the highest quality seafood possible so to mitigate that for meal prep and to make it much more accessible we're gonna be using shrimps so RS is gonna be a streamline version of it and it's gonna be a shrimp ceviche the thing that really makes the v-j is these salts in Peru they call it the Tiger's milk because that's what you use to cure the fish here's what you're gonna need a lime some fresh orange juice some garlic and then a little bit of sea salt and pepper and then I'm gonna toss in some Cholula hot sauce a lot of recipes call for tomato sauce or some ketchup and you could put that in there too I just particularly don't really enjoy the ketchup flavor I think Cholula or some hot sauce some chili sauce actually provides a much better savory flavor for that sauce now for the vegetables we're gonna toss in some red onion got some Tomatoes here some cilantro some bell pepper I'm gonna toss in some cucumber to crank up the heat just a bit more we're gonna toss in jalapeno and we're gonna round out this entire meal prep by enjoying this with a quinoa and mix along with some avocado all right guys if you're ready to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty and then let's get started first thing we're gonna do guys is prepare the shrimp now we are gonna cheat a little bit we're not gonna completely cure the shrimp inside the citrus juice first we're gonna flash boil it and then we're gonna go ahead and cool it down bring a pot of water to a boil and you're gonna toss in your shrimp and we're gonna cook this for no more than two minutes it's already turning a bright pink color and that's under one minute now we're gonna scoop it out we're gonna plunge it into this ice bath so that way it stops cooking we want these nice and plump and that tight and shriveled up and from a food safety standpoint it's such a much better idea to cook the shrimp first and then cure it in the lime juice so I'm gonna set this shrimp aside now next we're gonna make the sauce we're going to squeeze in about 1/2 to 1/3 cup of lime juice now that's the old-fashioned one I prefer this way right here you get you one of these citrus squeezers squeeze it into a measuring cup you can always add more lime you can customize this to taste next we're gonna toss in some orange juice works much better if you have one of those citrus juicers I forgot about that hold on okay this is my favorite kitchen gadget I found this in this antique store it's my favorite thing in the morning I liked it make some grapefruit juice but now I can use it for this put in my orange peel and this is the old school right here I'm gonna add in some hot sauce now about a tablespoon of hot sauce you can add more so now I'm gonna add in a little bit of olive oil 1 or 2 tablespoons of olive oil to this then a pinch of salt then I'm gonna mix everything together so once you've got your sauce made set this aside and now for the fun part we're gonna start chopping up the vegetables first we're gonna start out with the cucumber grab a peeler and they're gonna peel this bad boy now this is a pretty big cucumber so I'm only gonna use half of it chop this in half chop off the top next we're chopping a bell pepper chop off the top chop off the bottom sliced down the side and roll that knife around chop it into these long thin slices next we're chopping jalapeno chop off the top slice it in half and then set your level of heat I like to take a spoon and just carve into the inside of it and easily scrape out the seeds house done chop up some tomato want a quarter this first I'll carve out part of the inside this makes it much easier to dice up chop the centerpieces and Ingle the tomatoes next chop up some red onion and for this one I'm gonna cheat as well I'm gonna use a mandolin this is one of my favorite kitchen tools right here I can set the thickness so I'm just gonna go about the thickness of a quarter for the garlic you can use minced garlic or you can chop up some fresh garlic I'm gonna chop up some fresh garlic right now plus it's a time-saver and lastly we're gonna chop up some cilantro first thing we're gonna do is pull apart as many of the leaves as possible we're gonna do a rough chop of this but a really fine chopped book we don't want to chop up too much stem the absolute last thing we got to chop up now is our cook shrimp and because each piece of shrimp in it into thirds add in our shrimp and now the fun part we're gonna fold everything together so start from the bottom the mix and fold just pouring our sauce nice and beautiful cover this with plastic wrap I like to let mine mill for at least four hours but you can get away with about two or three or overnight as well and give it a good shake every so often in the fridge I'll go back every hour so just to mix it up and make sure that the pieces on top are getting cured as well in the juice now to complete this meal prep I cooked up some brown rice and I cooked up some quinoa and I mix it together to create this beautiful brown rice and quinoa mix there is a whole lot of flavor already in the ceviche so we don't have to do too much but you know I want to be a little bit extra so I'm gonna chop up some green onions it's just purely optional but a little pop of color is I'm gonna toss in some limes this after about a couple hours or so in the fridge we're ready and you see how before this shrimp was actually above the juice but now so that's been cured that means all the flavors have melded together oh it smells amazing can't wait to taste this and this is just in time guys for kick-off weekend it's perfect for that if you want to make this harder all you got to do is this chop up some avocado and fold it in as well this right here is just a thing of beauty bringing it all together now add a little bit of chopped lettuce here to our meal prep container and in some of this rice and quinoa mix and this makes so much salad so add in our beautiful ceviche and then the morning of when a slice open a fresh ripe avocado and add that to your meal prep container oh and don't forget if you're going to low-carb route you could even use some cauliflower rice instead all right guys that is it for today's video I hope that y'all really enjoyed it I know you're gonna love this it's not only great for meal prep but it's also great for a little get-together at your house I know that football season is right around the corner if you want to invite some friends over to watch the big game here's a calorie-conscious way to do it I know that everybody at your house will love it how do you enjoy your ceviche let us know in the comments below all right guys I want to thank y'all for watching until next time keep it healthy but of course what that's right never ever boring ooh bye guys


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