Lean Body, Clear Mind, Balanced Living – Healthy Habits and Clean Diet

I didn't feel balanced most part of my life I thought being a lawyer would make me feel happy healthy and fulfilled, but it didn't

I struggled managing everything on my plate I felt tired and foggy in my head all the time I turned on autopilot and everything I loved to do in my life just became must do's to prevent stress sickness and weight gain I was a healthy person, but I wasn't eating the right foods, because I was low on energy So, I started studying food and lifestyle philosophies

I found out which foods caused the running noses tiredness and the rashes I don't like to cook, but I started eating wholesome foods and I found easy recipes based on the ingredients that were right for us The food cravings stopped I have plenty of energy, I feel vital and alive, and being in this state created clarity in all areas of my life Now I provide personal guidance, practical knowledge so you can choose foods based on your body constitution when dealing with tiredness weight gain stress; trusting your body beyond food

I look forward to help you living a balanced and fulfilling life


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Fat burning Foods

Like Soup? Drop fat….

Fat burning Foods


Fat burning Foods

Got Abs?