Liquid Diet Update For Day 37

Hi, Tim here with my Day 37 juice fasting update Yes, I’m still going with my juice fast

I am now up to day 37 Things are still on track, and I am doing well It’s only going to be a very quick video today because I have got an extremely busy day ahead Just to let you know I have lost 03kg since yesterday, which is actually the same as yesterday’s weight loss

And that’s about, over half a pound, 066 pound Total weight loss now is 166 kg, which is I believe is just over 365 pounds

So everything is on track in my liquid diet weight loss, as I said, doing well I’m getting to the stage now of my fat burning diet, where I am using more vegetables I am using less and less fruit and using more and more vegetables, because I am finding fruits just too sweet Which is a good thing of course because vegetables are a better option, given the choice Because vegetables have less sugar, and with more micro nutrients in vegetables than in fruit, which is good

So I am still going to do that juicing video I have talked a couple of times about that before That is going to be later on in the week Our guest leaves on Friday That’s Sarah, from America

She’s going back to America on Friday So Louise is going to help me video this on probably Saturday So, that’s Saturday coming up, Australian time And, so what’s going to happen is I am going to go through and I am going to lay out all the ingredients, talk about the ingredients I use in my juices, and Louise is going to film me actually doing the juicing And you can even watch the cutting up, if you are so inclined

I just want to go through basically the stuff that I have, the juice and the vegetables, talk about why they are good for you etc, and get into the details of my regime Anyway, more on that later in the week For now, I will leave it there, and tomorrow I will be back again with Day 38 So, until then, cheers for now


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Fat burning Foods

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