Liquid Diet Weight Loss Continues! – Day 3

Hi this is Tim again on Day 3 of my liquid diet weight loss challenge my 56 day challenge to lose 32 kilograms in that 56 days, which is 70 pounds This is Day 3, as I said, and am I on track in my weight loss? Yes, I am! I weighed myself this morning I have lost

9 of a kilogram, which is a fraction under 2 pounds So well and truly ahead of where I need to be in my juice fasting plan So in fact at the moment on average I’ve lost 125 kilograms per day after 2 days Headaches have actually gone, so Day 3, no headaches Still feeling a bit tired and a bit heady Apples I have something interesting for you Apples can be mixed with any vegetables and coconut oil weight loss So I’m going to leave it there for now

Thanks for watching I’ll see you tomorrow on Day 4 Bye for now


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Fat burning Foods

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