What To Eat In Diabetes | 7 Top Healthy Diabetic Diet Foods List | Type 2 Diabetics

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with diabetes, you're probably wondering what to eat in diabetes i

e the best diet and the best foods that you can eat to help you live a happier, healthier lifestyle once you've been diagnosed So what I'm gonna do is go over seven of the best foods that you can eat for diabetes So number one isn't really a food it's more a collection of foods It's non starchy vegetables and the reason why we go for non starchy vegetable it's because starch is a sugar and as a type 2 diabetic we're going to be avoiding sugars so non starchy vegetables I'll just go for a few of them because I don't want to bore you with a full list you can just google it list if you want to know all of them but we've got artichokes asparagus baby corn, beans broccoli, carrots, cauliflower there's loads of them let's go to number two we've got nonfat or low-fat plain milk and yogurt the reason why I've chosen these is because you need vitamin D in order to stay healthy

It keeps your bones healthy and you don't want your body falling apart, so nonfat dairy foods; milk and yogurt are often fortified with vitamin D which means they've made sure that there's a significant amount of it in there, and I mean they're good choices for diabetes especially skimmed milk and whatnot, because they keep they keep the fat low and we don't want to have too much fat when you've got type 2 diabetes, because that can easily lead onto sugar For number three we've got tomatoes you can eat them raw, you can even cooked and tomatoes are packed with lycopene And lycopene is a compound, it's a naturally occurring compound that can actually reduce your risk of cancer – especially prostate cancer, heart disease, macular degeneration It's a non starchy fruit, which is good because again: we're avoiding sugars So we're avoiding starch

One of the well known superfoods that you hear a lot about is blueberries, and I mean there's a lot of other berries that are kind of included, but blueberries are the main one that you probably hear about the most It's, it's got vitamin C, fiber, they're antioxidants – and that's why we know them as a superfood They've got the highest antioxidant levels of any fruit or vegetable and they might actually reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer and they're also anti-inflammatories Other berries that we can include are strawberries, raspberries, blackberries – they're are all good choices And for number five we've got oranges and other citrus fruits

The thing that we've got with our citrus fruits is they're really high in fiber I mean all of the all of their little pulpy bits are covered in skin which we can't digest, and that's a good thing, because it helps your digestive system to have a good source of fiber we've got oranges, grapefruits, lemons, limes – all of the citrus fruits really And they can lower your risk of diabetes before you actually get it, so if you listen to this as a pre-diabetic that's, that's something to look at For number six, we've got wild salmon and other omega-3 fish, so we've got sardines – different omega-3 oily fish

I mean fish is a good food because it's non-starchy and has the omega-3 in it For number seven we've got walnuts flax seeds and other nuts and seeds Because they've got magnesium, fiber and again we've got Omega-3 Walnuts actually contain alpha- linolenic acid, and that's an essential fatty acid that increases your heart health and lowers your cholesterol, so it's always good to have seeds in your diet I mean seeds have vitamin E, folic acid, zinc, protein and healthy fats that help to curb hunger without overdoing it on the fat

So if you found the video helpful, then now, hopefully you know what to eat in diabetes And if you liked this video please subscribe or hit the thumbs up, and take a look at the link in the footer of the video, for what to eat in diabetes, and it will give you a more complete diabetic plan and remove all the guesswork, so you're not like "Can I eat this Can't I eat this

?" It will really help you


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