What’s Your Healthy Lifestyle? | Humana

We are in Phoenix, Arizona at Papago Park And we're out here to do a 5K to help support the 100 Day Dash

Are we ready for this 5K? Yes Humana’s ready for this 5K? Yes The 100 Day Dash is a company-wide competition – friendly competition – that Humana has been putting on since 2014 It is great to see all of us here Hashtag “thriving together”

It inspires the associates to walk, run, hike, just be active In 2014, I had an injury and I wasn't able to do any gym work Thankfully, the 100 Day Dash came right around the corner and it was just a perfect way for me to get back into action and get my back strong enough to be active again in my life I think it's amazing that they spend so much time – Humana – to have the 100 Day Dash for the associates Let’s get it! It's just amazing to be able to impact a whole population like that

To be able to get out, get healthy, and make yourself better Humana is a good corporate citizen We do well by doing good You have to be healthy in order to perform, and they definitely do a great job at giving us resources and giving us opportunities to be healthy in every aspect of what healthy means We made it! We did it! This is my lifestyle

You know, it truly is my lifestyle and I will continue to do this as long as I can


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