Why Do I Gain Weight If I’m Normal Weight? Gaining on 2000 calories.

Hi everybody it's Elisa here so today I'm answering another typical question I get and It's about like when somebody is at the normal weight range They think this is their healthy weight for their body Then why in recovery they keep on gaining weight? And they often think that this is because of the food because they're eating too much But actually I want to say if you are truly at the healthy weight and your body is healthy Then you should be able to eat to your full hunger the full hunger and satisfaction and have no more Starvation symptoms, eating disorder symptoms, and then you would maintain your weight eating whatever you want whenever you want however much you want and And your weight should be stable, but if you are gaining weight eating to your full hunger Then your body needs it, and it's not about the food But it's what is the hormonal and metabolic state of your body, and this is the this is the reason because if you come from past of restriction, dieting, eating disorders your body is not hormonally and metabolically in a healthy environment So yeah like if you eat the food and your body is not in a healthy state of course it wants to store more weight because your hunger cues are higher your metabolism is suppressed so So yeah, but does it mean that you should not eat then? Because you keep on weight gaining weight No, actually if you keep on eating to your full hunger and satisfaction AND you never ever ever diet, restrict, compensate, ever ever again then actually your body will restore your normal metabolism your normal hunger cues it will restore the like the hormonally and metabolically healthy environment for your body and then you are able to eat to your full hunger and satisfaction and maintain your weight, your set point weight So yeah, this is the basic thing And also when somebody has gained weight Let's say to their healthy weight range or whatever And they have done it with restriction

Let's say they ate 2,000 calories and they gained all the weight back eating 2,000 calories, but their hunger is still You know so big they still have the "binges" and their metabolism is not healed so they think That since they restored the healthy weight eating less calories so for them The moment to eat to full hunger has passed because they don't need to gain any more weight I don't know if it makes sense But this is like what I hear all the time and people think like it's too late for me to eat to my full hunger because I technically have restored my weight, so I shouldn't eat more but actually no recovery is not about the weight or having like "a normal weight range" It's also about you need to restore your metabolism, you need to restore your hunger your hormones and everything and for that it doesn't matter what's your weight, you still need to eat to your full hunger and For example I was normal weight throughout my eating disorder and even recovery and I ate the minimum calories you know the 2500 to 3000 calories and plus that extreme hunger and because my body also needed to restore the health and the metabolic and the hormonal environment of my body and I was normal weight And I still, I had to eat my food hunger and satisfaction the mental hunger the emotional hunger And the food thoughts and everything so it doesn't matter what's your weight you still need to your full hunger like no matter what and and yeah, and then your body will restore, and then you are able to maintain your setpoint weight by eating however much you want and never worry about You know the weight fluctuations, or you won't just keep on gaining gaining gaining, so so yeah so I really hope it makes sense and Thank you for watching and see you next time! bye!


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