खट्टा मीठा आम का सलाद | Amazing Healthy Mango Salad Recipe | मैन्गो सालसा | Mango Recipes

Hello friends, welcome to my kitchen at Healthy Kadai Today we will make a fresh and refreshing salad recipe in which we will add mango and corns So lets see how to prepare it To prepare the salad we will take 1 cup of corns and microwave it for 30 sec Cool it down completely In a big bowl, add all the ingredients together Firstly we will add 1

5 cups ripe mangoes One can use nay quality of mangoes but it should be ripe and sweet Add 1/2 cup raw mangoes or kaccha aam to give tangy flavour Then add chopped tomatoes, onions, capsicum (green/ yellow/ red) Add freshly chopped coriander leaves Add Sweet corns which we had already microwave Add salt as per taste along with 1/2 tsp chaat masala to add to the flavour Lastly add 1 lemon juice Roll it out to get maximum juice from lemon and squeeze it Toss the salad well and serve immediately This salad has different and unique flavour , sweet and sour mangoes along with corns and vegetables Our refreshing and healthy salad is ready to serve


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