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if you've ever tried to lose weight you've probably heard about at least one version of the grapefruit diet the grapefruit juice an apple cider vinegar diet is one that claims to help you shed pounds quickly as with many other fad diets pros and cons exist how to follow the diet different versions of this diet exist but all claim to help you shed pounds and burn fat by eating grapefruit or grapefruit juice with apple cider vinegar at or before meals to follow this version use the following steps drink one cup of grapefruit juice mixed with two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar before meals cut calories by eating as few as 800 calories daily to lose 10 pounds in just 10 to 12 days count calories with an app or food diary cut back on sugar and carbs boost protein intake eat more lean meats poultry seafood egg whites nonfat Greek yogurt low-fat cottage cheese tofu season and low calorie protein shakes drink at least eight glasses of water daily however drinking grapefruit juice mixed with cider vinegar isn't a guarantee you'll lose weight and it won't work if you don't reduce your overall calorie intake while one 2014 study found eating grapefruit is associated with lower body weight and waist circumference another 2012 study reports grapefruit doesn't significantly lower body weight more research is needed to determine apple cider vinegars effects on body weight pros if you love grapefruit juice this diet may be for you it can help you control your calorie intake without feeling as hungry especially if you boost protein you can lose a significant amount of weight if you follow the diet correctly which can lower chronic disease risks if you are overweight or obese furthermore drinking lots of water and cutting sugar intake as recommended by most versions of the diet is a good habit to get into and maintain long-term cons while you may lose weight on this diet if you reduce calories several drawbacks exist the taste of grapefruit juice mixed with vinegar may not be desirable for you and can even damage your teeth one 2012 study found apple cider vinegar appears to cause tooth erosion when you drink it daily if your total calorie intake drops below 1,200 per day you should be monitored by a health care provider


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