3 Choices for a Healthy Life | Dr. Peter Osborne

Ty Bollinger: Peter Osborne says don't think of disease as something that you have think of disease as a symptomatic genetic expression of your choices that you've made accumulated over time Charlene Bollinger: Learn from today's video about how making the right choices for your body chemically physically and spiritually plays an important role in preventing disease

It's time to take responsibility for your health your body and make the right choices for a disease-free life Peter Osborne: When you're when you're in your mind in your mindset of your genes not being bad but your choices are bad if you're learning bad choices and thinking that those choices aren't bad then you're making bad choices unintentionally Right? There's a saying, "you don't know what you don't know" And so the choices we can we can identify the choices in the three outer edges of this triangle chemical choices emotional spiritual choices and physical choices so if we briefly just talk about each one– What is chemistry? Biochemistry– I remember being in graduate school in what turned me on to all this was I was I was an amateur bodybuilder and so I was looking for ways to be better and stronger and recover more And so I was turned on to biochemistry because biochemistry is nutrition

It's basically– biochemistry is nutrition only in science geek speek and when they're teaching you biochemistry in graduate school they use big heavy words with multi syllabic phrases and and if you don't if you don't study it well enough you don't ever know So you a lot of doctors walk out of a biochemistry class not understanding that flame the Neen adenine dinucleotide is vitamin b2 Right? And so chemistry is nutrition its vitamins its minerals it's its carbohydrates proteins fats its water It's the fundamentals of life and so if you're putting the wrong chemistry in your body or your body is lacking the right chemistry then things can start to go wrong And those are choices you get to choose what you put in now sometimes you don't get to choose if you live in Houston like me there's 42 prescription medications found in the drinking water after the city gets done filtering it

So if you don't know that and you're not running extra filtration through your house you're getting exposed to chemistry you didn't even know you were getting exposed to But you can choose food you can choose where it comes from you can choose who farms that you can choose where you buy it, right? So these are choices that we have chemical choices and then there's physical– There's a saying "square tires don't roll" Structure dictates function Physical has to do with the physical body So, some people are overweight

Some people are underweight Some people are underweight and under muscle, and some people are overweight and under muscled Some people are overweight and over muscled There's all kinds of combinations here, but the physical characteristic of the human frame is very important and the physical attributes and the things that you do physically are very important How many of you have a desk job? How many of you sit for plus hours a day? Most of you in the room so understand that sitting like that creates cancer

It's a physical choice, but chronic sitting suppresses cerebrospinal fluid circulation So it D– basically it prevents your brain from getting adequate nutrition Chronic sitting causes a suppression of lymphatic fluid function You guys know what the lymphatic system is it's how we fight cancer So if you're sitting physically sitting for long periods of time over the course of a day and you multiply that job times 30 or 40 years before you retire you've spent literally years sitting suppressing lymphatic fluid

So physical has to be equally as important as chemical And then there's emotional, spiritual We live in a world today where it's almost become unacceptable to be spiritual It's we live in this kind of a– I think it's an Alice in Wonderland type of world sometimes Up is down and down is up

But you've got to be right in the head and you've got to be right emotionally and spiritually Some people have history of trauma well probably everybody has a story does anyone not have a story of past trauma or past somebody doing you wrong or treating you wrong? I think we all kind of have a background where we have some of that But if we have that background and we don't deal with it and we don't acknowledge it and deal with it and cope with it and make it right in our own mind that can create disease just as easily So think of these three elements as switches or the ability to turn on or off the switches of your genetic code There's a concept of disease we all get told we go to the doctor we have this disease you have X Y or Z disease

And what I want you understand is you don't have a disease what you have is a genetic expression that is adapting to your poor choice That's not disease Disease when it went when a doctor says you have cancer the first thing that most people think is, "oh my gosh I'm powerless" Let me give all my power to you and then the doctor brights the script for chemo and radiation and surgery and then takes away your power of choice and says, "there's nothing you can do about this cancer Diet and nutrition aren't important and you're gonna go this path because this is this is medicine"

Right? What I want you to understand is is don't think of disease as something that you have Think of disease as a symptomatic genetic expression of your choices that you've made accumulated over time Right? Damage over time equals the expression of symptoms that doctors prescribed drugs for So you can either suppress what your body's trying to warn you about through drugs or you can make meaningful realistic changes and address those symptoms and learn to listen to your body And the way we do that is through making better choices

Ty Bollinger: Thanks for watching We hope you liked today's video Make sure to head over to our website to keep reading more interesting science-based articles about your health and how to stay cancer-free Charlene: Just click on the link right here on the screen and make sure to subscribe to our channel so you won't miss any new videos Thanks for watching


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