3 Day Diet Challenge | For Flat Tummy | Full Day Healthy Indian Diet Plan

Okay, so I have a confession to make For the last couple of months, I have not exactly been leading a healthy lifestyle

I ate out a lot, because of travel and I have not found anytime to exercise And because I was so stressed, just to relax my mind a little bit I started binge watching TV series on Netflix Late nights And that way, I didn't get enough sleep either And unfortunately, all of it, started showing on my body

Because my tummy came out and started making it's presence felt But I decided it's time to get my life back on track So I took up a 3 Day Challenge to get my tummy back in shape And in case you are wondering, no I did not go on a Keto Diet or a fasting diet or I did not cut down on salt or sugar Because I love food and I cannot do that

I'm gonna eat what I want and when I want it All I did was that I followed my personal go-to-diet plan for quicker results So this video is about my secret for getting back in shape For the past 3 days, I recorded what I ate and when I ate it I hope you like it

And in case you are wondering why this channel is called, 'The Urban Fight' It's because what I've been suffering from lately The stressful life, eating out, not getting enough sleep That's the normal urban lifestyle Today everything around us, is designed to make us fat And this is where You and I against all odds will fight the fight to be fit So join me and my family by Subscribing to my channel by clicking the Red Button down there So my weight loss secret is this I don't cut down on delicious food because if I do, then my body starts craving for it more But instead of filling my stomach with delicious junk food first and then leaving a little bit of space for green tea or boiled vegetables I do the reverse

I first fill my stomach with healthy food and then still leave a little bit of space for things that I like, like Chocolate, Icecream It's not about counting calories It's just about prioritising your health So today is Day 1 Let's measure and find out where we are right now It says that my waist is

34 I never use a weighing scale because that's not the correct measure of your body fat Because if you start gaining muscle and losing fat The scale will still say the same Plus, it's totally unreliable

Because I am 2 Kg heavier in the Doctor's office and 2 Kg lighter in the gym So if you want to measure, use a tape As soon as I wake up, the first thing that I have is a glass of water Because water kick starts your metabolism and initiates your fat burning process as soon as you wake up If you want to lose weight, then do not have your chai at this time Just water

So for breakfast, I normally have Idli, Dosa, Poha, Upma But today, is Dosa day! Now if it's home made I have 3-4 Dosas But since we are trying to cut down today I'm gonna see if just 2 Dosas are enough for me The trick to eat less is this Eat slow Because when you eat slowly, it will give your mind enough time to know when to stop

That way, instead of eating 4 Dosas if you eat slow and pay attention, you'll probably realise that you are full at the end of that 2nd Dosa or may be that 3rd Dosa and that way your calorie intake will reduce automatically Try it out Around 11 AM, I have my Chai And no, not Sugar-Free or Sugar Less Chai Proper Elaichi and Long Wali Chai with Sugar! But instead of having a full cup I have just half of it So that way, the quantity of sugar I consume is reduced to half without compromising on the taste There is one major mistake that I do with food

I wait until I am really hungry before I have my lunch or my dinner And that is when I make wrong food choices Marketing people know that And that is when they'll send their Choco Lava Free or 10% off Offer Because they know you are super hungry and you will make that impulsive decision

So the trick to weight loss is to never let yourself be hungry Either have an early lunch or have a handful of dry fruits in between So, around 1 PM I have my lunch I fill my plate with some Cucumbers or Beetroot first because the fibre in them will fill me up faster and I'll also get my healthy nutrients I normally have 2 Rotis but today I'm gonna see if one is enough But instead, I'm gonna put more Bhindi You can even have rice

But make sure you keep the quantity less and load on the Veggies and Dal Because when you have more Vegetables, more Daal, more Curd That will automatically cut down the carbs that come from Roti or Rice and you don't really have to worry about what is making you fat Rice or Roti? Around 4 PM, I have a fruit Oranges are in this season And I love them But please do not juice your fruits because that will remove the fibre and and all that sugar from your fruit will directly hit your blood and it'll make you put on weight

So, eat a fruit as is I always make sure that I eat something at 4 PM Because otherwise, I'll get super hungry before Dinner and then I'll make a wrong impulsive dinner choice The same principle that we spoke about earlier So around 6 PM, I go for working out I don't spend 15 or 2 hrs in the gym

I don't have that much time I try to wrap up everything within 30-40 minutes I do both Cardio as well as Weights Weights become even more important when you are trying for quicker results Because they help you burn fat even when you are not working out

So, nothing fancy Just your regular share of Squats, Lunges, Deadlifts and Rotational Movements Incase you are new to workout and don't know where to begin then check out this 15 Min Beginner Home Workout and just get started! Remember, it is extremely crucial that you keep hydrating your body throughout the day, especially during and after your workout Also, immediately after my workout I have a 'Date' and 3 Eggs To help my body repair

In the middle of this challenge, if you have to go out with your friends and they order desserts then I understand, it is very very difficult to say no I'm not asking you to stay away from desserts completely But instead of having like the entire portion Just have a spoonful because more often than not, we just enjoy how delicious it looks and would just like to taste it instead of finishing the whole lot You know it's interesting, because this reminds me of the 'Safolla Masala Oats Ad' The 'Tukdo pe jee rahi hoon main' one Wherein they finally advertise the Masala Oats as the ultimate solution for all of your health problems

That's not true Because Processed Masala Oats at the end of the day, are still 'Processed' And they are not healthy for you So if you want to include Oats in your diet Then just include your Regular Oats, not the Masala ones Around 7:30 PM, I have my dinner Again, the same principle

Less Rice and a lot of Chana! And the South Indian that I am I have to end it with a little bit of Rice and some Curd And I also sleep early because if I stay up till late night like 1 AM or 2 AM then I'll start feeling hungry and chances are that I'll keep munching on the not-so-healthy things in the house And that's it That's all it takes

So today is the last day of my 3 Day Challenge And I just cannot wait to find out where my waist size is right now, so Let's check! 31 Not bad So I still have a few inches to lose before I reach my Ideal Weight but that'll eventually happen as I keep continuing this lifestyle

But as you saw, I did not starve my body throughout these 3 days So I don't feel dull or lethargic and I don't even have headaches Infact, I feel fit and my body feels tight All thanks to, 'Mindful Eating' But that was my story Now it's your turn to take the 3 Day Challenge

Incase you have any questions related to Diet or just wanna talk to me then comment and let me know because I love replying to your messages or reading your feedback And I really like to Thank you for all the Love that you've been showing me and my videos for the past few months As you know already and incase you don't then I make a video every Thursday and I do a LIVE every Tuesday! But incase you want to see more of me What I do everyday, what my life is about I don't know why anybody would wanna know that but in case you do then follow me on Instagram my handle is '@theurbanfight' And I even have a FB page fbcom/TheUrbanFight Don't forget to give it a ThumbsUp! So that's it for now I promise to see you again next week Until then, keep fighting The Urban Fight to be Fit!


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