3 fake fat loss foods

– Hey, what's up guys? Today I've got three fake fat loss foods Number one is green tea

I drink it all the time, I really like it But honestly, it's not gonna have a big effect at all on fat loss, it's not, despite what all the people on the internet say, okay? Number two is coconut oil Again, something I use, I really like it But it's still got nine calories per gram like every other fat under the sun, okay? And then number three which is the silliest thing that people do, I think in my opinion, is putting butter in your coffee and they claim it's gonna have some amazing fat loss effects It's not, you're drinking about two to three hundred calories in a drink and it's very high in saturated fat

Probably not a great idea Hope that helps and I'll see you soon


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Fat burning Foods

Like Soup? Drop fat….

Fat burning Foods


Fat burning Foods

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