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what up guys and welcome back to the pit man cook kitchen and listen I know a lot of y'all follow me here on YouTube but if you don't follow me on IG and Facebook then I gotta say you're missing out I'm sharing recipes and other food in SPO to help keep your diet interesting so today I wanted to share five insanely popular recipes okay maybe insanely was a bit much I know I'm just really getting to the whole emotion of it but they have been really popular I know you're gonna love these check these out first up is my five ingredient keto salmon alfredo now people love this recipe what I love about it is it's very minimal but it has a ton of flavor one of the things that you can do with this recipe is you can actually use canned salmon and also people forget to salt their zucchini noodles salty music in use is super important because it helps to soften them up before you use them into a recipe also if you are a little bit more on the lactose item you can't have that much cream then you can swap in full fat coconut cream for the heavy cream instead it's gonna slightly change the flavor but the parmesan takes up to that now once you have everything mixed together I use fresh dill but you can use your own fresh earth I actually have my own herb garden now so I can just go outside and grab herbs and about 1/2 and don't worry guys you store about herbs are fine too but you can use fresh basil you can use some parsley whatever you want just toss it in there and I do use a salt and pepper technically that's more than five ingredients but yeah also give me because it tastes of the mace check it out on Instagram or Facebook or on fitment Quebec on mix I want to show you my walnut and black bean burger what I love about this one is that it is completely plant-based and it was one of those unexpected experiments that actually just went insane well one of the main things that people forget to do whenever they're making the burger and this goes for also just for animal burgers too is to let the burger chill a little bit so after you put in all the ingredients and you're making the mixture let the burger chill in the fridge before you put it on to the skillet or even the grill also your flax egg your flax egg should be really dense and kind of slimy a little bit if it's too watery then you may need to add a little bit more flex and then let it sit at room temperature so that way it stickers up quite a bit and then add that into your mixture and lastly whenever you're putting it the whole thing together you don't always have to use a bun you can use a grilled portobello mushroom you can put this onto a bit of salad if you're trying to go a little bit more low-carb remember though that you are eating a whole bunch of beans and nuts so that's going to affect the calories as well but this is an amazing recipe I know you're gonna love it try it out you can get it from my Instagram and Facebook Orcs it man cooks calm next we are making one of my favorites we're making an omelet avocado toast yes you heard me correctly that is an omelet inside a toast and then putting some avocado on top of it yes it was insanely good and really popular the thing about this recipe is I use some sourdough bread because it's already kind of dry but if you want you could use some toasted Ezekiel bread you want to make sure that you don't get that really soft for it so either toast it before or just get already like dried bread kind of like a sourness also make this your own I use some bell peppers and some eggs but if you want to be a little bit naughty and put a little cheese in there you can do that too this recipe is very easy to customize now the most important thing with this recipe is just the topping because that really brings it all together I used some green beans I use some pomegranate or you could even use some edamame to boost the protein content make this your own just keep a calorie conscious I know some of your bacon on the NEP one – that's fine – get the recipe from my instagram or facebook or head over to fit Minka comm next we are making some coke a bowl nachos now I gotta admit this is personally one of my favorite recipes that I make on a weekly basis and so I was so excited to see that everybody else loved it – the first hack is making some one-time chips out of the wonton wrappers now I love this you could either brush them or spray them with a little bit of oil or you can be a little bit more adventurous like me and brush them with some poison sauce which adds a bit of flavor sprinkle on some little sesame seeds and I'm guaranteed you would just be eating these all the time now when it comes to the poke a sauce generally you can just get by on just a little bit of sesame oil some coconut aminos or some soy sauce and just a little bit of mayo and mix that together and it would be great now if you want to add a little bit more flavor you can think about tossing in some tropical fruits it'll add a bit of sweetness in there and then some avocado to add some creaminess but make this your own guys it's an incredible recipe that you can make just for yourself or your booth bang or even for a party and the best thing about it is that whenever you make it at home you save yourselves a ton of money because polka eating out is it's in 7:01 try out the recipe and know you're gonna love it seriously check out my Instagram or my facebook or fitmin cook com to get it and lastly one of my most popular recipes for a long time these chicken crust pizza yes it's a pizza with the whole crust being chicken so it is keto friendly in its low carb and it's darn good one of the most common mistakes I find that people do with this recipe which is really hard to mess up is not spreading it out evenly in thinly on a baking sheet you've got to do that first because the chicken has to go and breathe now there may be a little bit of water or moisture there after baking so what you can do is you can transfer that crust to a new freshly baked baking tray or some parchment paper so that way whenever you bake it again with the toppings it's not gonna be soil there and then a good pizza is known by its toppings so just load it up with just a little bit of sauce and your favorite herbs your favorite vegetables and of course the cheese I know you were going to love this recipe as much as everyone else has so head over to my Instagram or my facebook or fitmin cook comm to get this recipe and don't forget to tag me in it because I know what you're gonna make is gonna be bomb all right guys that is it for today's video I hope that you all enjoyed it remember to follow me on Instagram and Facebook at fit men cook to get more of these delicious healthy recipes just like this and remember to tag me because I want to see your skills in the kitchen so whether you tagged me on instagram or facebook just remember that exit men cook and hash tag spit man cook all right guys thank you for watching until next time I want y'all to keep it healthy but of course never ever boil it Oh bye guys


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