8 Ways to a Healthy Lifestyle | Tamil Health Tips

8 Ways to a Healthy Lifestyle | Tamil Health Tips Eventhough we know it is bad we do certain things repeatedly We should follow certain habits to be healthy and strong

Let us what are the healthy habits which should be followed everyday Many people end up in smoking when they are happy, sad, stressed etc, Smoking affects your health as well as affect others and when you smoke it reduces the oxygen and increases carbondioxide in your body Due to this your body tissues doesn't get enough oxygen and smoking causes thousands of problem like this Drinking habit causes problems in liver and kidney

It reduces the immune power and avoid these habits to prevent these problems Eventhough it is said that brushing twice is a good habit only some of us follow this Brushing in the morning removes only 90% of the germs and the balance 10% can grow in 12 hours and to remove this we have brush at night Ignoring brushing at night cause gums problem, tooth decay etc, so try to avoid these problems by brushing twice a day

Eating fast can cause digestive problem as the food reaches the stomach directly and it takes time to digest Food can struck in Respiratory tract instead of food pipe which can cause breathing problem To avoid this chew your food properly and eat Try to do exercise atleast thrice in a week and 45 minutes of walking etc, which keeps you healthy

You can take breaks while exercising but don't take breaks for doing exercise and don't avoid doing it Walk to your office if it is nearby and get down in the previous stop and walk to office if you travel by bus Some people spend their life in sleeping and 8 hours sleep is necessary and when it reduces it affects your immunity Infections, eye irritation, lack of concentration can be caused due to lack of sleep Children prefer junk foods attracted by its colour than healthy traditional foods like idli, dosa etc

, Most of the junk foods are made with maida which can affect our health and as fiber is low in these foods it can cause constipation Some wax like substance present in junk food gets layered on our intestines and causes health problems When we take these foods continuously it can cause ulcer, diabetes, high blood pressure in a young age Instead of this make colourful fruit salad at home and give your children Excess carbohydrate in rice transforms in fat and get stored in our body

This causes problems like obesity, cholesterol storage in blood vessels etc, Know the calories count in the food you take and divide your food intake into 6 parts Pulses have proteins, rice contain carbohydrates, oil has cholesterol and vegetables has fiber, vitamins, minerals etc, When we take a balanced diet we can lead a healthy life


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