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– What's up everyone? Summer is over and now it's time to get serious about fitting back into my fall jeans So, we are currently on a major health kick and we're about to tell you all about it

Thanks to Weight Watchers for collaborating with me and sponsoring this video (energetic music) If you've been watching my videos from the start, you may have noticed that I have a handsome husband here who is now like the incredible shrinking husband You've lost so much weight, you look incredible You got super healthy Babe, you look so

hello, where'd you go? Please give us the details on how you did it – It was classic, babe, it was just the classic go to the gym and eat healthy Making better healthy food choices

And I just really set a goal for the summer, this was back in April, I was the heaviest weight I had ever been in my life as a result of just being in love (Adrienne laughs) – I feel like you don't notice it though, when you're with the person everyday, you don't notice it and then we were watching videos back, All Things Adrienne – Yeah and that's when I was like, yeah, okay, this can't continue (Adrienne laughs) So, I knew going into the summer we were going to have a crazy summer

And I just wanted to look my best, but feel my best as well – Your exact words were, "I'm not trying to be on a yacht looking crazy" – Yeah, I'm not trying to be on a yacht looking crazy (Adrienne laughs) Verbatim quote – So, after our incredible summer vacation, I got home super inspired by Israel's journey

And even though he did it on his own, I knew that I needed a push So, I decided to check out Weight Watchers So, here's the deal They have this really cool program called Freestyle, and it makes it super simple because they have literally over 200 zero point foods So, I can eat every day food, how awesome is that? – That's great

– Also, anyone can join, it's like one big family, and I love the community vibe Everyone knows that it's way easier to stay on track with a buddy So, babe, you actually checked it out too, right? – I checked it out, I'll be your buddy no problem (Adrienne laughs) I think because we we – My workout bud – Literally spend every day together Every day, if I'm not on the road, we are together – We do though, we love doing everything together I just think it's so much easier when you have someone motivating you and you have somebody that you actually have to, what's that word, um, I

– Hold accountable? – Yes! – You hold me accountable, that's the word So, here's the exciting part we're about to show everyone some of the healthy stuff we eat everyday A part of our new healthy lifestyle – Let's go

(energetic music) – [Adrienne] Look at all this food, it looks incredible – [Israel] Amazing – I'm always hungry, so I'm ready to get right in – Let's go, let's go But what I love about this is, look how many options you have

I love that the Freestyle program allows you to eat every day foods And that makes it so simple You don't have to stress yourself out wondering, "what can I eat? Can I have this?' I love that, right? – [Israel] Absolutely – This is a perfect example of something I love to have for breakfast It's a breakfast sundae, which is awesome because it's like a yogurt parfait

we're getting off to a good start with that – This is definitely your vibe – That is totally my vibe this is my breakfast moments right here Israel, you actually prefer more like eggs and bacon, which again, is also an option on the Freestyle program

So, that's cool, you have so many options – So many options – A wide variety, love that I'm just saying, I said I was hungry and it really tastes good No, seriously, you want some? So good

See? You can join me on this one – All right (Adrienne laughs) – Israel is still eating my breakfast over here – It's great – It's so good, but we're going to move on to lunch

What I love about this Greek salad is that you want to add protein to it This is a perfect example of a great, healthy salad, a great, healthy lunch We've got cucumbers, which are your faves – I'm a cucumber junkie – He can sit and eat cucumbers all day, which funny enough, I can actually mix these cucumbers with the hummus that's also over here, and that's a great snack

Just going to lean over and do that real quick (Israel laughs) And you can drizzle this dressing on top just like that this is olive oil, lemon, and dill – [Israel] Yes – [Adrienne] So delish

I'm actually going to show you how easy it is to find out what points are for what See, I'm going to prove to you that this grilled, skinless, chicken breast is only zero points You literally just grab the phone, go to the app, and then you can type in where it says 'search this list' You can type in anything I'm going to type in chicken breast, and boom, look at that

Chicken breast, cooked, without bone, without skin, zero points Thank you very much Zeroyou know what else? – I knew you were telling the truth the whole time – Look, jerk chicken breast – With some flavor – I didn't even know that I just put chicken breast in and I got four options

I can get a chicken breast ground, raw 98% fat free Greek style chicken and vegetables is only two points My big, fat, Greek salad! Except for it's not fattening It's zero points (laughing) – Greek salad

– Once we get into the afternoon, we both start craving snacks I'm a big snacker, so are you – I am – We love to snack, and please tell them what is in front of us – This is probably my greatest weakness in the world

– No you don't understand, this man can eat chips and salsa – [Israel] Everyday – [Adrienne] Every single day, all day – [Israel] No problem – That's right

And guess what I could eat all day – Popcorn, everyday, all day, every night, all night – And in the bed sometimes – Which we're working on that part of our (Adrienne laughs) – I love popcorn, you guys don't understand

I love popcorn so much that when Israel and I were dating, he made me a special gift Hold please I got this really coolthis is my specific popcorn bowl You see this? He made this for me See, he drew the little pop this one's really good, this is a good popcorn side And on the inside it says, 'A's Addiction Oh, you're good, that was so close! Oh, good job (Adrienne and Israel high five) Love it – [Israel] And, babe, look

– [Adrienne] What? – [Israel] We also have veggies and hummus Some of my favorite veggies, sugar snap peas – So I love that, again, you don't feel like you're confined to just a strict diet This doesn't feel like that at all This feels like you have so many options, and my favorite is included? Popcorn all day, every day

– Let's go – Now moving on to dinnertime I love this combo: a grain, a vegetable, and protein So over here we've got some fish Salmon is my personal fave, it's actually really good for your hair, your nails, and your skin, girls

Get on that salmon program But I loveBabe you've gotten to like salmon now as well

– A little bit I prefer your Chilean sea bass, it's my favorite – My Chilean sea bass is incredible Guess what? Fish is always an option – Fish is good All kinds of fish is an option as well

Partner it up with some broccolini, and we've also got some brown rice right here – [Israel] It's like my favorite combination right there – You can just sit and eat broccolini all day – No problem – He loves broccolini

The whole point of this really is a lifestyle change Changing our lives, really getting healthy It's not just about weight loss, it's about being active as well We joined a gym, people – We joined gym, we're active at it

This is really just a part of our everyday life now, and we're loving it We're obviously seeing great changes, but we are just loving feeling better, looking better, living better – Especially as a couple, it's so awesome to do it together Especially when we're on a date night or when we're out with a group of friends, we are focused – We are accountable to each other

So, we can kind of look across the table like, "hey now, remember what we discussed" – Yeah, what are you ordering? (Israel laughs) – And that's the thing; it's really easy, It's really fun to do together and I promise you, we're gonna keep you posted on our progress – Yes Well, all this food is still looking so good, so I'm gonna continue to eat

But make sure that you comment below and tell me some cool recipes to try, or some snacks and if you want to learn more, click on the link below to find out how to join Weight Watchers Freestyle program Thanks again to Weight Watchers for collaborating with me and sponsoring this video – Make sure you subscribe and we'll see you next time – That's right, subscribe! (Adrienne blows kiss) We love, love, love you

– We love, love, love you, for real Besos (Adrienne laughs) (energetic music)


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