Amazing Weight loss dinner w/ Protein enriched kale recipe / fat burning smoothie

you good morning I want to thank you and welcome you to Mrs Linda's Corner today I'm actually going something a little special a little different this morning what I am doing is making me a healthy carb and protein meal this I will eat off of all day because it has all of the things I will need it has for my body it has the protein I put large onions in there I put red peppers cilantro onion and I plan on adding now that the water has boiling I will turn it down a little bit and prepare I will since oats are so healthy for you I will now add my steel-cut oats and still cut oats as well as some oat bran and I will cook this down and this will be what I will be eating off of all day I will add a little i will add a little i'll just continue to add the ingredients and tell you what I'm adding as I go along because I want this to be a little dry a little bit so there's I didn't really measure it out but so yeah there's the Oh steel-cut oats now I'm add in the old friend because I'm really trying to lose some weight here so I just wanted to show you guys what I was this wonderful protein and energy you know it's gonna give you the carbs that I need the healthy carbs that I need and i will add a little i added a little mrs – red lemon pepper seasoning I added a little Hungarian bold dark paprika I also added a little cumin for flavor ground cumin I added black pepper cayenne pepper and as well as a little black pepper because I want this to be highly seasoned highly flavored and I will also add beans to this because beans will cut the carbs in half as well and i will add almonds to it just trying to get my healthy kicks these things you see a few mushrooms and I put some kale in from there too that's what the green parts are that you're seeing as this cooks down and I will add my nuts little dice almonds and I already had a bag I also add some flax seed that I had already crushed up in a bag so that's the flax seed that I already ground up and none of these items are sponsored I just are really trying to affect my health these days and get this weight loss on its way I'm going to do some interval training I made myself ever tree so see you blend all of that up and it is probably the healthiest thing yes and that's what I'm trying to do vamp up my nutrients so that I can have the energy that I need as well as not affected by insulin and then I'm going to add some beans as an added extra effect I cooked some beans the other day okay so here are here's a bowl of beans that I cooked the other day I think these are I yeah anyway I can't think of the name of the beans it's like chickpea not chickpeas but anyway I took some beans I added two kinds of beings together one of them is as you can see there's some red beans in there kidney beans and these are just some regular peas that I cooked and I'm throwing that in there to break up the carbs and add a little bit more flavor to affect the Carlos in the dish I just want to get everything I needed is one meal and then I'll just snuck off this all day little bite one one key teaspoons and then I'll be done small portions drink my gallon of water so there I have added everything I wanted to add in there maybe I'll squeeze a little lemon juice over it and then we're done for the day and I will like I said eat off this all day it will last me probably even into tomorrow and yeah I've got everything I need I actually as a drink I've actually come I combined some in this drink I am trying to cut the fat out of my gut so I couldn't find cute half a cucumber cilantro and a and the juice from one lemon plus I put four cloves of garlic so I will add I've made this and then I will add some matcha to this just because I'm trying to boost my energy level mm-hmm I put a scoop of matcha in my cup I also – some cayenne pepper in there and some as well as a little sprinkle a little cumin in there guys so I'm gonna dump my green tea see I've made my pot of green tea with my lemon in there and it's got rosemary in there as well so yeah that's what I'm gonna drink for my energy I'm gonna eat this as my meal and again I want to thank you guys for joining me I hope if you have any questions regarding this meal that I've prepared please feel free to like subscribe and leave comments again I want to thank you for joining me hope you have a wonderful and positive and joyous day and throw a little prayer in there so again thank you for joining me and have a good day bye bye


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