Can Skipping Breakfast Make Me Gain Weight?

So the question is: will skipping breakfast make me gain weight? Lots of people have been asking this and it’s interesting that there’s very little science to answer the question one way or the other I’m particularly interested in this because ever since medical school, I’ve not eaten breakfast

I don’t eat until lunchtime and that’s when I get hungry and that’s when I eat So I was wondering what would’ve happened if I had eaten breakfast We looked at the science behind this and we could find an interesting, somewhat tangential paper about skipping breakfast, and that was we found a paper that looked at all of the literature that examines whether skipping breakfast puts weight on people, and what the authors found was that all of the papers that suggested that it did put weight on you were paid for by the cereal companies So it makes one a little skeptical about that Further, these were what we call ‘observational studies,’ that is, they can’t prove causality

It said that people who didn’t eat breakfast tend to put on more weight, but they didn’t have any control, so not good science there So what’s the bottom line? The bottom line is that if you’re hungry in the morning, you function better after having breakfast, by all means, do it If you don’t want to eat breakfast, wait until you’re hungry Lunchtime is fine


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