Clear Liquid Diet Foods: What and What Not to Include

Clear Liquid Diet Foods – What and What Not to Include From the name of the diet itself, a clear liquid diet is a kind of diet that has food and drinks that are clear enough for you to be able to see right through it But this does not mean that your food and drinks should be transparent

An example would be apple juice, it may not be transparent but it is still clear enough for you to be able to see right through it This type of diet is not for long term use because it cannot provide the body with the needed nutrients What foods and drinks can be considered part of a Clear Liquid Diet? A clear liquid diet does not necessarily mean that the food and drinks are transparent But if you were advised by a medical professional to stick to transparent drinks and soups then you will have to abide as it could be part of your treatment or for a test But for those who have no restrictions to the diet, the following clear liquid foods and drinks may be included

Water Clear juices such as apple juice, grape juice and cranberry Lemonade and lime but make sure to drink it without the pulp, fruit punch, mild tea (with no milk) Ginger ale, sprite, sparkling water Hard candy, ice, gelatin, popsicles, fruit ice without milk, honey Soups such as bouillon, broths, vegetable soup, chicken soup but be sure to strain it so that no solids are included, consommé Syrup, herbs, salt and mild seasoning can be part of a clear liquid diet Sports drinks such as Gatorade and Pedialyte which is an electrolyte drink for children Foods and drinks to avoid or are not allowed on a Clear Liquid Diet Foods and drinks that you cannot see through are most definitely not allowed on a clear liquid diet Examples are dairy products such as milk or vegetable purees or nectars and alcoholic beverages If you happen to be advised to have a clear liquid diet because of medical procedures involving the intestines or the colon, you need to avoid red-colored foods and beverages The following foods and drinks are not allowed when on a clear liquid diet: Coffee with cream and sugar Milk products Citrus juices Apple sauce Any kind of solid food


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