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hey guys, this is Heather! Today we are going to make a creamy curried parsnip soup If you've been seeing parsnips into the shelves of your grocery store and you've been wondering what to do with them – we're gonna make a delicious soup with them! This is part of the September Fuel calendar, which if you haven't yet downloaded you can get a free PDF at the link below this video, and then you can follow along with the recipes and see exactly how we're gonna make them All good soups start with onion and either garlic or ginger – we're gonna do all 3! Put a small amount of olive oil or water or vegetable broth in the bottom of a soup pot and then I'm going to start with the onion

Turn that on to high and we're just gonna brown these a little bit before we start with the soup process Minced garlic and some minced ginger and then just tossed this all to combine it and then turn the heat down because we're gonna peel and chop our parsnips next Nothing like having garlic on the stove to make you peel and chop efficiently! So in go our parsnips – you want three or four big ones, or five or six medium ones add a little bit more water and then we're gonna add three to four cups vegetable broth or you can do water and a little bit of sea salt or vegetable broth cube or herbamare Then we're gonna leave that to simmer – with the lid on Once the parsnips are softened, so you can poke them with a knife

They feel soft then we're gonna finish this off! So we can turn the heat off save some energy and then we're gonna do a tablespoon of curry powder – I like to use mild And a tablespoon of nutritional yeast

To make it nice and creamy, and offset if you use spicy curry powder, we're gonna put half a cup of canned coconut milk in there YUM! Another option might be a tablespoon of almond butter or something like that And then we're just gonna puree this I am going to use my immersion blender, great for pureeing soups because you can just leave it in the pot – minimize dish usage

and top it with some chopped chives or green onion Mmmm! Really nice! Do you know I haven't had a pureed parsnip soup before I quite like it! I like the slight what's that flavor that parsnips have it's not like tangy it's

um I can't think of the word for it, but it's got just a little bit of parsnip kind of flavor, but super savory, super flavorful from the curry spices And you could add more various curry spices if you want – so you could add more turmeric, you could add more cumin, you could roast them if you like however you want to do it! I think another interesting thing to try would be to add some white beans in here before you puree, if you want to give it a protein boost and make it a meal unto its own! But I think this would be lovely served with a nice balsamic-dressed salad, or some toasted pita chips, or something like that

So, I hope you enjoy it! Make sure you download the September calendar and enjoy this recipe plus all the others on the menu for this month one per day of vegan goodness Thank you so much for watching guys! Be sure to subscribe for new videos every week I'll see you then bye! xo h


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