Day 22 – Liquid Diet Recipe Tips – What I Use

Hi, Tim here with my Day 22 juice fasting update Things are still going quite well, I lost another 04 kilograms, same as yesterday, which is nearly 1 pound Overall I have now lost 11 kg, which is about 24

25 pounds so far So, feeling good Today marks the third week, so I have actually completed now three complete weeks 21 days of the juice fast And I am still feeling fantastic, I have to say The energy levels are still rising, I am feeling in control, I am not suffering from addictions or anything of that nature anymore … [ the phone rings ] … And don’t you don’t just love that, in the middle of a recording, phone goes off So sorry about that interruption but rather than start again, I’ve decided to continue on What I am finding is that the best detox juices are probably vegetable based Celery really seems to be quite good It’s a great way to help you lose weight and of course is quite minimal on calories as well Not that I suggest that you really need to be worrying too much about calories but I think calories in my opinion Is more of a problem or more something to worry about if you’re eating “normal food” Overall I am thinking that celery is quite good, spinach is quite good But also for the fruit side grapefruit is also quite good for you, lemon, and lime So I am trying to incorporate grapefruit, lemon, and lime, salary, and spinach, as well as carrot, in pretty well almost all my drinks The other thing I might want to point out, to people out there which, I read in the comments, have been having issues with taste Let me say particularly once you get through this process and have been on this process for maybe a week or so forth I am finding that the taste is irrelevant Sometimes I have a taste, and at first taste I think, well, it doesn’t taste that nice But then all subsequent tastes seem to be okay So, liquid diet recipe, really, my juice recipes are my staple fruit and vegetables, spinach, celery, grapefruit, lemon, and lime Now, I am adding some apple Apple is a sweetener as well, if you want to get rid of a taste that is horrible And that really is the main ones that I am using Sometimes I am using pear

In the morning I will often put in four strawberries They have got good, well they are very healthy for you as well, basically But they are really the staples that I’m using I haven’t really got into beets yet I think I mentioned – well, I did mention the other day that I went to the Boost juice bar and I got beets in theirs Oh, the other thing I also add is carrot I do add carrots to many of my drinks, and I find that is quite nice And the taste – carrot, even though it is a vegetable, is surprisingly sweet So keep that in mind if you are finding something is too bitter, carrot juice would help sweeten it Okay, I think that is about all I wanted to say today Everything is going on track, and still going well For you people who are following my journey, I’m hoping you are getting a lot out of this and believe me, I love your comments Please keep your comments coming, comments on the video any questions and so forth All right, I will see you tomorrow for my day 23 update Cheers for now


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Fat burning Foods

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