EASY Healthy Lunch Ideas | 5 Minute Lunch Recipes!

hey everyone and welcome back to my channel in today's video we are making some healthy lunches they're really quick and easy to make and take less than five minutes if you haven't yet make sure to subscribe so you don't miss any future videos and let's get into it so the first thing we're making are these pesto doodles so I missed out off by making some ribbons out of my zucchini you could spiralize it as well but I've been really liking ribbon zucchini and I like zucchini because it's full of lutein and vitamin C making it great for your heart it also helps to decrease cholesterol and your blood pressure as well plus the peel is loaded with beta-carotene which really helps to decrease the oxidative stress in your body so you don't want to not eat the peel this is definitely a vegetable where you want to eat the peel cuz it's loaded with benefits so I mixed up using some yellow and some green zucchini and then I'm just going to toss that into a bowl so that we can mix it all together and this is also something you can make a batch of and keep it for the week I'm chopping up some leftover chicken that I have you can use whatever kind of protein that you have like leftovers or lying around I always try to have protein in the fridge that I can just throw into different dishes which makes it really easy to make lunches really quickly protein is what helps to keep you full so it's really gonna shut down those hunger hormones then I'm adding in some pesto you can make your own but I found this dairy-free one and that makes it super easy to make a lunch out of I threw some sliced almonds on top which are loaded with vitamin E and they have a healthy fat and it's that combo of the healthy fats from the pesto the nuts and then the protein from this chicken that really helps to satisfy and turn off those hunger hormones and also helps to keep your blood sugar stable because you guys know I am about keeping your blood sugar stable it is super super important just for overall health but also to reduce any kind of cravings for food or sugar cravings so it's a super easy and delicious lunch to make and the fresh herbs are delicious in this too next up I'm making my spin on it to Bulli salad so I'm using a purple cauliflower and I just love the color of purple cauliflower it's full of anthocyanins which is a great antioxidant it's a basically a flavonoid then helps to decrease oxidative stress in the body it's super good for you and cauliflower is loaded with choline which is good for brain health and you guys know how I am about brain health and how much I love cauliflower I mean what kind of video would this be if I didn't make something out of cauliflower right I feel like cauliflower is all the craziest these days and purple cauliflower is just so fun I think I'm gonna try making my cauliflower and yoky out of purple cauliflower just for like a colorful twist so you chopped that up or you can just buy rice cauliflower as well totally depends on you if you want to chop it yourself or just buy it pre either rice or cut so you throw that into a bowl and what I love about this one is you can make a big batch of this and then eat it throughout the week so I'm throwing in some slaw mix that just has some carrots some cabbage just for some extra crunch and something different also some black beans which are super high in fiber and are gonna be the protein in this recipe I'm chopping up a some parsley which is a great antimicrobial and it's also loaded with calcium so it helps with bone health and it's also something that's loaded with vitamin C lots of this episode with vitamin C guys but we're coming into September people are getting sick it's gonna be a change of season so you can't go wrong loading up on the vitamin C so you kind of just coarsely chop the parsley and then we put that into your bowl and that's another thing I love about this Aled you just throw everything to a bowl mix it and you're gonna be good to go I'm throwing in some sunflower seeds which really helped to support digestion plus they're loaded with magnesium as well so they're great for relaxing your muscles and for keeping your nerves steady as well you can totally do any kind of nut or seed here but adding in that fat like I said before is really gonna help keep that blood sugar stable so you just mix that all together and then I'm throwing in some olive oil and some lemon juice and misses a salad that can sit with the olive oil and lemon juice for a couple days so you can make a big batch and then eat it for a few days afterwards another thing I like to do is take a little bit of garlic key this is the fourth and heart one and then I saute that with some of this out I like the salad cuz you can have it either hot or cold it's kind of like a hot or cold slaw it kind of just depends on my mood and what I'm craving whether I want something warm or cold but it's very versatile and I love that it's super refreshing filling and you can make a big batch and lastly we're making my twist on an egg salad so I cooked 2 eggs 2 medium boiled I'm just a medium boil type of person I'm not one for hard-boiled eggs so I did medium boil and I'm just cutting that up with a knife into chunks and eggs are actually a complete protein because they have all the essential amino acids you need in them I'm adding in a quarter of an avocado which really adds some nice creaminess and again those healthy fats coupled with the protein really help to keep blood sugar stable and keeping blood sugar stable is really what helps cravings what helps you not to binge eat and also just is great for your mood as well and any kind of metabolism and weight loss so it kind of just cut those two together and mix it and then I'm adding in some tumeric tumeric is a great anti-inflammatory also great for the digestive system some black pepper which helps the absorption of the curcumin in turmeric some ground ginger for flavor and digestion as well as a pinch of paprika that really just goes well in a lot of egg and egg salad dishes so I put a little bit of that in mix it together and it's super something you can make easily that just not gonna take too long you just boil the eggs and you will be good to go so once that's mixed together you can put this in a sandwich if you want but I like putting it in like these big lettuce cups and either eating it with Bibb lettuce or I pair it with like a cucumber and crackers and kind of dip that in to the mixture and eat it like that so this time I'm putting it with some cucumbers because of the high water content in cucumbers they really help to fill you up but you get all those super hydrating vitamins and minerals and then I also added a crunchy crisp bread to dip in it as well and I love making this egg salad as a super quick lunch so I hope you guys enjoyed this video let me know what one was your fave down in the description box below and leave me any requests you have too and I will see you guys in my next video bye guys


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