Free Diabetic Diet || Foxtail Millet Good For Diabetes Patients

foxtail millet it must eat food for diabetes millets are tiny seeds of the grass family that originated in Africa and Asia foxtail millet is low in essential amino acids and higher than most grains in fat content 75% of which is heart healthy polyunsaturated fat millet has to be shown to be potentially beneficial in the management of diabetes let's see why foxtail millet is a must eat food for diabetes insulin resistance millet is feature among a list of healthy foods for its ability to decrease insulin resistance millet is also a good source of B vitamins your body uses to process carbohydrates millet content substantial quantities of several minerals including calcium iron potassium and magnesium researchers have shown the results for the potential of millet in treating type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases triglycerides researchers reported that a diet containing 20% millet protein for 3 weeks significantly decreased glucose and triglyceride levels and increase the levels of adiponectin a substance secreted by fat cells that regulates appetite millet also increases the levels of high density lipoprotein HDL and the good forms of cholesterol the research has concluded that militina potentially be useful at managing insulin resistance and cardiovascular diseases in type 2 diabetes fiber millet may make a good substitute of rice for some diabetics millets high fiber content slows digestion and releases sugar into the bloodstream at a more even pace this helps diabetics to avoid dangerous spikes in blood sugar that leads to glucose spilling over into the urine known as glucose oriya millet also contains high quantities of methionine and amino acid that is deficient in most grains giving military label place in vegetarian diet for any queries and suggestions feel free to comment in below comment box thanks for watching this video for more videos like us and subscribe to get latest updates and notifications click on bell icon


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