[Free Download] How to Make Food Your Friend for Fat-Loss

– Hey guys Johnny from PPS here, and today I'm gonna teach you that food is not your enemy when it comes to fat loss, body composition, or looking good naked

I'm gonna teach you how to make it your friend, you can use it to fuel, nourish your body, be more flexible in your approach, and enjoy more of the foods you love, while still achieving your goals by giving you a very simple tutorial on how to work out how many calories and macros you should be consuming each day So, when we look at food as fuel, we need to know what size your engine is, what make and model your car is, okay, aka what is your starting body composition

Your age, your sex, your height, your weight, and your body fat percentage Now, we need to know what your destination is What is your goal? Do you wanna burn fat because you're gonna be in a caloric deficit? You're gonna be consuming less fuel each day than your body needs, making it eat into its reserve tank Then you're gonna be looking at either your maintenance or your recomp You're just gonna be at a nice, good balance there, or with your mass gain, you're gonna be consuming much more fuel than you need, it's either gonna spill over, it can be stored as muscle, or as body fat, okay? Then we look at how many Ks per day you're putting on the clock

How active are you? Are you a sedentary individual or are you an active individual? Once we've got all that information, we can work out how much fuel you need each day to achieve your goals So we're gonna take your body weight, we're gonna times it by 22, that's gonna give us your body weight in pounds, okay? Then, we take that figure and we times it by a calculation factor, around 10 or 12 for fat loss, sedentary individuals at the lower end of the scale, around 13 to 14 for maintenance, around 15 to 16 for you guys looking to gain some muscle, okay? So, obviously like I said, the more active you are, the slightly more fuel you're going to need, or the more muscle mass you carry as well, you're gonna be tipping more towards the top end of that scale Now that we know your total daily calorie intake, we can break it down into proteins, carbs, and fats, to really refine it to make sure you're performing at your best Now, to get our protein intake, we're gonna multiply our body weight by two, if we're a female, or we're gonna times it by 2

2 if we're a male Then we need to figure out our daily fat intake, which is gonna make up 20% of our guy's daily intake, or 25% of our ladies daily intake, okay? Protein helping to build and repair muscle tissue, fats helping to regulate your hormones, and most importantly for all of us, carbs which is our performance additive is gonna take up the remainding of those calories, okay? So, once you've worked out how much protein and fats you need, you convert it into calories, and subtract it from your total daily intake, and divide it by four, which gives you the amount of carbohydrates you need each day Now that you've got that real basic starting point, it's up to you to be consistent, follow it, assess the progress, make tweaks, and refine it, until you hit that sweet spot, and you really start to see some good progress, okay? If you want all this information in a simple and easy to follow PDF, simply clink the link below If you've got any questions, call me below Tag a mate who'll find this information useful

Thank you very much


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