Full Liquid Diets: Foods Allowed and To Be Avoided

Full Liquid Diets – Foods Allowed and to Be Avoided What is a Full Liquid Diet? A Full Liquid Diet is a kind of diet that can be made up of clear, blurry or opaque liquid foods and should have a smooth consistency Generally speaking, people on this diet can take in all sorts of foods as long as it is in liquid form

In order to sustain the essential nutrients that a person needs on this kind of diet, the main goal of the meals is to provide 1,300 to 1,500 calories plus 45 grams of protein per day What are allowed foods and drinks when on a Full Liquid Diet? Water Fruit juices Nectars and juices with pulp Plain ice cream, sherbet, frozen yogurt Sugar, honey, syrups Sodas such as Sprite and ginger ale Gelatin Butter, custard, oil, cream, margarine, pudding Broth soups and cream soups just make sure it has no solids Liquid supplements Tea or coffee Milk and milkshakes There are also other foods that may be included in a full liquid diet but it would be best to first ask your physician if the foods you think can be included are really allowed Foods and drinks to be avoided on a Full Liquid Diet Meats, cereals, fruits, all kinds of cheeses – ask your doctor first about these foods Raw or cooked vegetables Ice cream or other frozen desserts that have solids mixed with them or as toppings such as chocolate chips, nuts, etc Mashed foods such as mashed potato or avocado


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