God’s Diet Plan: My Organic Lifestyle (Eating Healthy with God)What God told me -Apostle Michelle

Hey everyone it's Apostle Michelle Peterson in this video I'm gonna share with you guys about eating organic this is actually something that the Lord had desires for me to do and so I've been doing it so I'll share that with you guys in this video hey bless you guys in my last video I was doing a very quick teaching about fasting and what the Lord actually showed me about fasting and how how what actually happens when we fast and was so important about cleansing our body out and so today I'm just gonna share a few guys about the Lord actually wanted me to start eating organic and I'll share just the situation that happened I was struggling with I don't know if you guys ever heard of celiac disease or you know when you're gluten intolerant you try to eat some bread or some pasta and your body starts having a reaction to the gluten and that's why you see all over the stores there's you know everyone a lot of people are having to go on this gluten-free diet they can't eat gluten or their body has a reaction to it mine was so bad that I if I even ate like a little piece of bread little tiny piece of bread I would have to go to the emergency room I mean my body would go into a shock a panic and so but the Lord actually healed me from that it was actually demonic spirits that was attacking my body and so the Lord actually healed me from that and so after that I had an issue I remember I was eating some cereal one day and I love cereal I can eat cereal 24 hours a day I love cereal and so Monday I was eating some cereal and then all of a sudden I felt like really really sharp pains like in my side I don't know if that was my kidneys or you know I probably have to check and see what it was but it was like a sharp hardcore pain I was like oh I'm him what is that and I heard the Lord say it's the chemicals in the cereal I was like chemicals in the cereal what is there chemicals in the cereal but when I looked at the box it's all types of stuff that they put you know stuff you can't even pronounce in our foods and so the Lord guided me to start eating organic I heard him say he wanted me to eat organic because it was affecting my body my body was having serious issues and reactions to these chemicals that they put in our foods and so I started eating organic and the Lord wanted me to completely change my diet to organic and so I go to the store I only get the things that have the organic seal if it just says organic or if it just says it's natural no antibiotics no warmth no hormones if it just says that on the pack I don't get that I get the organic because the Lord told me you know get the organic seal so I've been eating organic and the thing about this which God is so cool I'm tell you there the scripture there's a scripture that talks about the kingdom of God is not meat and drink and you know all of that and so what the Lord has told me like if I'm fellowshipping with Christians or if I'm fellowshipping or you know with my family or whatever I can eat whatever is laid before me whatever they label for me I can eat it it doesn't have to be organic because the Lord is more focused on fellowshipping and loving people and in celebrating you know it's it's no bondage that I have to go in there say oh no I can't eat your food it has chemicals in it you know I don't have to go with that type of attitude I can just focus on the people and focus on loving the people and being a part you know fellowshipping with the people that's what it's about – God he doesn't care about all those rules and all those things it's about loving people and fellowshipping and relationships so the Lord did tell me whenever I go anywhere a fellowship I can eat whatever is before me and it is fine so but whenever I am in my natural environment I'm you know cooking and and buying stuff for me is 100% organic and so what this does this actually keeps my body a lot more klint cleaner and because I still I still I buy organic stuff I make cookies I make cake I make fried chicken I make everything that I would eat if I wasn't eating organic so I mean it's not that I can't eat all the great stuff I can still eat it but the ingredients that I cook everything with is organic ingredients and I'll just tell you this organic ingredients I mean organic food period it's just the food our grandparents and our great parents and great-grandparents the same type of stuff they used to cook you know they had a garden you know back in the days they didn't mass produce cows and chicken and all of that and pump them up you know with steroids and do all of this stuff to to them so that they can you know make all this money they didn't do that they had farms that actually you know they have farms now that raise us up and you can get it from local farms but they had they got their stuff from farms they grew it in their garden if they had it but everything didn't have chemicals in it that stuff was organic back then so it's nothing weird I know a lot of people and I say organic they think it's something weird about it I'm like no this is the way it's supposed to be our foods are not supposed to be pumped up like you know what's that thing on was I remember Miracle Gro you guys remember what miracle girl just came out they had it on the commercials and you had this little tiny little tomato and then you had this big huge tomato right beside it that big huge tomato was grown with Miracle Gro this little tiny tomato that was just a plain tomato that's naturally this is a natural organic tomato it may not be that big it may not be able to feed a whole house of people but it's natural it's no chemicals in it it's no steroids in it that's the way things were made you know originally that's what it's supposed to be made no chemicals but so I noticed my body is different since I've been eating organic and also when I'm fellowshipping or if I eat something that's not working I can smell the chemicals in the food now the smell is totally different the organic stuff doesn't have a chemical smell it's just cleaner I mean when you taste it it tastes better then you know the other stuff the stuff with the chemicals in it it tastes so much better and cleaner and so the glory actually gave me that specific diet and I just wanted to share with you guys because if you're having sickness in your body you know if your body is just you know you've had a pretty healthy body and now all of a sudden you're starting to have some problems you know with it in your digestive system maybe in your blood or you know something like that try praying to the Lord and see if he guides you to go organic because you can you can find recipes like I mean I cook from scratch now I don't I never cook from scratch I used to eat out all the time like go to restaurants every day and now I cook everything from scratch so I'm going YouTube trying to find out how to make a pie how to make a apple pie you know how to make apple crumble or how to make you know just whatever I want to eat you know I go on there and even like um one day I saw like these recipes I don't know if you guys have an Outback where you are Outback Steakhouse and they have the bloomin onions that's like deep-fried and grease and so I found a recipe that's kind of like that but it's like little fried little onions and I made that you know I mean so with the fried onions I mean it has grease in it it's not the healthiest thing in the world you know to eat but you know you still enjoy foods that you like you may not want to eat those type of greasy foods all the time but you can still enjoy and I promise you you guys ever since I have been organic like when I eat organic for a long long long long time and I'm not fellowshipping with Christians or eating out with them basically I don't gain any weight I don't gain any weight it's like there's no hump no hormones and my food so I don't gain any weight the only time I could see if I gained weight if I'm going out a lot with a you know a friend or something like that and I'm eating at a restaurant that's when I can see pounds come on me really fast I maintain like a few pounds a week if I go out and eat a few times a week at a restaurant I may gain a few pounds the pounds come on fast I noticed that but with organic I don't gain any weight even if I'm eating pies and cakes and stuff I don't gain any weight if it's organic so but I wanted to share that with you guys you know and also the Lord was telling me about different meats different meats that it's easier for your body to digest that helps you when it comes to keeping your body healthy and not putting too much strain on your body and also there's different fruits and vegetables that have more nutrition more vitamins and stuff in it like oranges anything that's orange inside is good carrots you know stuff like that anything that's like a dark dark green it's good and anything that's yellow like lemons they're good too orange inside yellow inside green dark green the darker the darker the better those type of things are good for you to eat fresh and don't cook it because when you cook it you destroy everything that's alive in it everything that's good for you you kill it basically so but those type of things the Lord has actually shared with me about my diet and I'm trying to apply them as much as possible I need to eat more fresh stuff so I want to start doing that more often often but I'm just sharing this with you guys this is my life this is what the Lord has gotten to apply and he's also told me why you know this is a great lifestyle to apply so you guys want to start adding some organic things to your life try it out and also seek the Lord see what he has to say CP guys are in that area alright so I hope you guys enjoy this video and I think this may be my last video for today and so but I will see you guys in the next video god bless


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