Healthy Lifestyle, Healthy Brain

>The doctor when we talk about the brain we can do a lot to keep it healthy It just seems to be simple in everything we do in our lives, have a healthy lifestyle and it will help all parts of your body

I don't think people think that it will also help the brain as well it's part of the whole body >And I would agree In effect I was asked to prepare for the show about really what can we supplement in our lives to make our lives healthy for the brain standpoint It's difficult as a physician because I really need to depend o n studies out there saying that X has been studied in multiple patients and it really is shown to really make a difference when it comes to Alzheimer's, or Y was studied it but it didn't really seem to do that

A lot of the things we take for granted as so-called healthy living have not been studied adequately, so it's really There's a lack of information that I can give to people I think in general my philosophy towards life is do things that seem to be healthy based on the latest recommendations by different groups that have been looking into it, try to do it in some moderation as well So the usual things that we would be thinking about exercise, exercise, exercise, I think that is optimal to really keeping you healthy

From a brain standpoint we see that probably it's the most effective thing for the better than almost any drug essentially, in trying to maintain your memory keep you healthy and also for people who even have developed some Alzheimer's disease we noticed that exercise will help


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