Healthy Living: After Your Ride

Hey I am Dr Trapper Niccum with Thrive Chiropractic Studio and today we are going to talk about the Top 5 Health Tips After You Ride

#1 Take inventory of your body after you get off the bike How do you feel? Do you feel beat up? Sore? or Anything that’s not working quite right? If so, take care of it then, then add it to your list of things to do pre-ride for your next ride #2 Move around a little bit A lot of times I see riders especially in group rides, ride all day long and then get off their bike and then sit down for the rest of the day Get up and walk around move around

#3 Re-Hydrate Lots and lots of water Again, sun, wind, being on your bike all day long – lots lots of water #4 Re-Fuel Lots of good food On the road, I get it, cheeseburgers and fries That happens a lot, try to sneak in a salad everynow and then

And last but not least #5 Make sure to get a good nights sleep and get ready for the next ride For a complete list of our Motorcycle Health Tips, visit our website at wwwThriveChirocom Thanks for listening and have a Safe Ride!


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