Healthy Living for Life – How can technology enhance your health and wellness – Pt 2 (Full Version)

-Living longer, living healthier, living better than ever before Welcome to Mountain-Pacific's "Healthy Living for Life," a weekly series that gives you the information, education, and expert insight you need to become an active participant in today's ever-changing healthcare climate

Here now is today's program host – Of all the industries where technology plays a crucial role, healthcare is arguably the most important And more and more, you can take technology home with you to monitor, track, and improve your health Welcome to "Healthy Living for Life," a show dedicated to helping you do just that I'm your host, Lisa Sather

Today, we'll show you some at-home devices to help you with your health And for those of you who are not so tech-savvy, we have some great household items for you, too Stay with us – Welcome back Joining us today is Dan Keith, CEO and Founder of It Starts With Me Health, and Sharene Campbell, a medical claims data analyst for It Starts With Me Health

Thank you both for joining us today You're not strangers to this show, so thank you for coming back – Good to see you again -Yes So, you know, we love learning about the latest trends in technology, and we wanna thank you for coming back

And so I wanna talk about the future of healthcare And it's been changing dramatically with all the new technology that's come along, and people are wanting more and more to stay in their homes, receive care in their homes With your expertise and what you've seen at some of the summits and things you've gone to, can you talk a little bit about where you see health and healthcare going in the future? Dan, maybe you – Yeah, it is moving incredibly fast And, in fact, a lot of the healthcare providers can't even keep up with all the changes

And it's almost an unreal expectation to expect them to But a lotta the things we're gonna show today are part of that healthcare at home, where people can actually be generating some of their own numbers and some of their own readings and provide them to their doc for the doc to be able to provide better care I don't know, what do you see? – Yeah, definitely the TUG medicine is gaining more and more traction You see a lot more in the news with the VA system They've had amazing success with it

And it does, it keeps people monitored more closely so that they don't have to come into the hospital after they've gotten a little bit too far down, like a heart issue, where maybe they've been drinking too much fluid, and their blood pressure's going up and they've maybe got some congestive heart failure issues We'd see a lot more people in critical condition Whereas now, there's some of those bits of information that can be drawn, either from some of the remote blood pressure devices and scales, people being weighed And so we're preventing a lot more serious issues being seen in the hospital a lot more frequently So, things like that, or new mothers with little babies, and they're not sure, and that's their first baby, and they don't know, "Is it a fever, or what's going on with my child?" And instead of rushing into the ER, they can gather some of that information and then provide that to the provider without it being a critical issue sometimes, so

-Excellent – Let me add one thing to that Especially with home care for individuals, one of the things that's happening is, people might have a device, for example, that they like to track their health with, but maybe they have a home care agency coming in, and the home care agency's software doesn't really accommodate that, and on top of that, the provider's software doesn't really accommodate that So I think that is one of the things that's gonna start happening, is there's gonna be this sort of chasm between all the data that people can take in and actually use -Interesting, thank you

So how bout elderly patients? Any advice on how older folks can keep up with this and keep themselves a little bit involved in the trends in technology? Before we jump into actually looking at some items – Well, that's actually a great question, because what we find is that a lot of folks that are getting older, the smartphone technology sometimes is something that they don't want to really deal with But then there's a lot of folks who have embraced it And a lot of the technological advances that are coming through are smartphone- or iPad-based And so they are kinda based around that

But we have actually brought a few things that are non-techy that are pretty cool -Awesome – Yeah – Can't wait to see it Well, without any further ado, let's jump into what you've brought to show us today

-Okay -Sure Well, one of these that you may see coming in the future as far as some of that TUG medicine, where providers actually go to someone's home or they have someone non-clinical in someone's home, and they wanna get some readings back, is this device It's called an Eko DUO And we actually demonstrated their first product, which was that handheld EKG machine with the single lead

Well now they've actually got a stethoscope with the built-in EKG And so it's just a little device It looks like– – It doesn't look like a stethoscope – No This is it

It's got the battery charger here And it actually has instructions of where to place this on your skin, on your chest, where to go, and then it picks up breathing sounds, it picks up your bowel tones, it picks up the heart noises, and it can generate that single-lead EKG So it actually records it, it's something that can be sent into the provider to read, to look at, and can be done, like I said, just by following the instructions, so – And you talk about home care Imagine that

Imagine a patient having that at home and being able to have the doc 200 miles away and being able to just They've had heart surgery, and they're able to send not only their heart, the rhythm, the reading, the EKG, but they're also actually sending the sounds so the physician can hear that -Absolutely amazing

– Yeah Another one, this is something that you can actually purchase off Amazon right now It's called the Temp Traq And this is, like I said, for You have new mothers This can be used on anyone, but it's really handy, because you can put this right on your child Yeah, you wanna open that? And it will stay on for 24 to 48 hours And that's how the price is determined

It's about 10 to 20 dollars And you can actually download the app that goes on your smartphone And you place it right on your child, and then it will actually show you if there has been a temperature spike, what the trend is And so you get a lot more valuable information, versus, "Is my baby getting more fussy or not? "Do I need to stick the thermometer "somewhere where they don't want?" – I mean, imagine that, when somebody's at home, and babies are the greatest example, because a lot of us have done that, where you're up all night, walking in, feeling them, you don't wanna wake them up, but you've gotta take a temperature Imagine being able to just look at your smartphone and see the entire trend for 24, 48 hours

-Absolutely amazing They're just one per package? And it's 10– – There's two -Two per package, okay – Yeah, and they just You just peel it off and stick it on -Single use, I assume – Yes – They have a 24-hour version, a 48-hour version, and a 72-hour version

– Okay, we're gonna pause for a quick break And coming up next, Dan and Sharene will show us more health and healthcare innovations so we can better take care of ourselves at home Don't go away; we'll be right back – Welcome back Dan Keith and Sharene Campbell are still with us, and they have more devices and health technology to show us

Thanks for sticking around, you guys, to show us this cool technology So, before we jump back in to looking at some of the devices, can you talk a little bit about any words of caution or advice, tips you'd give to people that are considering using these technologies? – You know, the main thing I would say is that we go to several shows a year and look at a lot of this stuff, and there's just so much of it out there that isn't that great And so you just kinda wanna be careful about what you're buying It does take a little bit of research The other thing is to not use them as some sort of diagnostic tool, or something like that

– Makes good sense Let's just get right into looking at more devices, because I know you have a lot to show us So, what else do we have to see today? – Well, one of these first ones is called the Reliefband We don't actually have the band with us, because we have somebody who happens to be going through some medical procedures trialing this to see how it does affect different individuals So, even we like to put it out there in different circumstances to see

But this is called the Reliefband It's to help with nausea It's supposed to be after post-operative pain, motion sickness, pregnancy-related morning sickness, any of that And it straps onto your wrist, and it gives a pulsation in your median nerve that actually triggers your brain to tell your stomach that you don't need to be nauseated right now So, there's a really cool video that you can actually go and look at, see how the process works

And this is one of those where you'd wanna look and see, "Okay, do I wanna purchase this?" It's a little bit spend-y I think it's about $175 for one of these But if you're dealing with medications or have issues with nausea, definitely something that would be very valuable -And available online, or – Yes, you can get that one online That's for consumer purchase This is kind of a fun little gizmo for kids or people who don't like shots It's actually a little buzzer you place right on the individual, and it's a distraction technique

So if your child needs to get immunizations or shots or frequent blood draws, or if you have someone with diabetes for the first time and you wanna distract from all the finger pokes, this will distract them So that's kind of a fun little device This is called Tile Mate You can see it's a tracker for your keys But what we like about it is, let's say you have a child with asthma, and they bring their inhaler to school with them

If you can attach something like this, so if they have an emergency at home or at school or at a friend's house, and they're panicked, they can't breathe, and you need to find that inhaler, you can add it to things such as that -Wow, that is a great idea – Yeah – Now, and for that, you need a cellphone You need a smartphone

– Yeah, you do need the app with that _And how much is something like that, Sharene? – 20 to 30 dollars for one It lasts a year You don't have to recharge the battery or worry about replacing anything So you just would have to kinda set a reminder to make sure and buy one every year, if you have it for something like that

– And now, for people that want to use it for another use, I mean, it's made to You throw it in your laptop bag, you throw it in your suitcase, wherever – On your child

– On your purse, on your child, whatever And you can locate those things if they get lost, so – This is kind of a neat one We brought last time a device called Quell that you actually put on the back of your knee This is for women who actually struggle with menstrual cramps

So if you have somebody who has a lot of pain, this is something that's very discrete You can put it on the clip of your pants These attach on your abdomen, and they actually provide relief from menstrual cramps using that kind of TENS unit technology So that's kind of another neat one This we really like

This is called, ooh, the iKeyp Hang onto that It's a safe that can actually be placed in a wall, in a drawer You can expand the sides here, so if you need to put it between studs It does have a physical key to open it, but then it's also got the lock pad

What's really neat about this is you can actually have an app on your phone that will alarm you if somebody's tried to move it, has gotten into it when they shouldn't So if you have someone that's helping take care of an elderly patient at home, and maybe they get confused, they think they need to take their meds again, you can get an alert on your phone that somebody's trying to access it again And then you can call or get a hold of em and say, "Hey, what's going on? "No, don't take your medications again," or whatever you need to do with that One thing is, though, you wouldn't wanna put anything life-saving in here But you could store other important documents, whatnot

There is four AA batteries that go with this, so that does need to be changed But again, you do have the physical key that you can hide with that one -How much does something like this run? – That one is about $150 And again, you can buy online with that Oh, and it does alarm, as well

So if you actually move it, it will alarm So somebody who might be tampering with, if you have narcotics or something at home with a surgery, it would start screaming and not stop until somebody put in the code -Excellent piece of technology – Yeah, yeah One of the other ones that we really like that you could actually use kind of along with this is the Ring technology, or having some sort of camera where, let's say something like that were to go off and you're remote

You could actually kinda peek in and say, "Hey, Ma, what are you doing with your medications?" or, "Nobody's at home, why is that thing being moved?" and see if somebody's in there This is also good for, yeah, just having at your front door, having that technology to be able to turn it on, or even back door I think you've got it– – I've got one And actually, this is You'll see Shaquille O'Neal, he's one of the advertising folks on TV And this is the Ring This is the doorbell, so you can see who's at your front door But then, I've got one on my back porch, where I right now could look and see my back porch

And it'll alarm me when there's motion So when I'm not home And not only that, I can actually

It has a speaker, so I can not only see, but I can talk to whoever's there -And this is just a standalone system I mean, this doesn't have to be hardwired into your house

– No hard-wiring -This just gets put up and it's ready to go connect to your smartphone – Yeah – Correct -How much does something like this cost? – These are about 100 bucks, and I think that– – For the simple one, yeah

Up to– – And then the camera, for example, that I've got in the back of my house, is about 180 But again, no wires – So yeah – We're gonna take a quick break If you're the type of person where you find these sorts of technologies fascinating, but a little too intimidating, we have some items to show you that are probably more your speed

And even those of you who are pretty tech savvy will still appreciate how useful these are We'll take a break and be back in a couple minutes Don't go away – Welcome back Dan Keith and Sharene Campbell are here from It Starts With Me

We've looked at some at-home technology and devices to help people monitor, track, and even improve their health Now we're gonna switch gears and look at some useful household items that are related to your health and peace of mind, but don't require a lot of technology know-how Thanks for staying with us So now you're gonna show some things that are a little more low-tech And I'd love to know how these caught your interest and talk about that a little bit

Well, as I mentioned, we go to some shows several times a year, and as we walk through, we've kinda got several things in mind And most of it is patient care, either people that are in a facility or not And then also, we always have in mind that there are some people who have smartphones, and there are some that don't So we kinda try to look at all of that and then weed through the things that maybe seem a little tangential or "Who would use that?" to be things that people actually need -Excellent

So where shall we start? – I think we'll actually start with these This is, I guess, a combination of a non-tech to a tech You probably have heard of the 23andMe and various DNA tests And we don't promote any of them or not, but this one really caught our eye, because this actually gives you not your family history, but more information about you and different things that they have found And all you do is, you actually send this in

You get mailed these boxes And this price range is from 50 to 150 dollars You get a cheek swab You rub that around in your cheek You label it, put it back in the mail, and within a few weeks, you get all the results back, depending on what you wanna look at

They have things from nutrition, fitness, vitamins And this is not what your level is currently So that would still be something that you would need to have a blood test for But they would tell you if maybe that's an issue you need to be aware of So that's what's great with these

This, this is called the Right Cup And I'm gonna have you smell this -Ooh! – This cup, actually there's no flavoring– – A little fruity – Yes, involved, but it tricks your brain, because you smell it And so with someone who's having a hard time drinking enough water during the day, whether it be someone elderly, someone who just hasn't kind of acquired that taste for just plain water, it's a great way to trick your brain and increase your water intake, so

-How much for the Right Cup? – These are about $30 a piece And there is flavors from peach and orange and berry, to cola flavored So if you've got a cola addiction you're wanting to break– – And I think it's important to mention, too, while Sharene's getting her next item, that you don't sell any of these particular items for your company, right? – Yes, we're not selling them, we're not endorsing them We simply are just kind of fascinated by a lot of this and use some of them ourselves with some of our clients, so – These are actually the new version of TED Hose

So if you've seen compression stockings that even you can buy at Walmart, you've got the old brown– -The white — – Or white– -with the hole in the toes -Much snazzier – Much snazzier, fun Young mothers who are pregnant, or while flying we were saying Even my ankles swell when I'm on the plane These are just such a fun way to have the compression stockings so that you have better circulation, prevent varicose veins, especially if you're on your feet for a long time But these are great These are about 32

95 online There's a few specialty stores that may carry these But really, probably your easiest bet is to find these online They're called VIM & VIGR – VIM & VIGR

V-I-M, V-I-G-R -Great looking product – Yeah, these are great These are what are called blue light glasses So if you're an individual who stares at a screen a long time, suffers from headaches, maybe insomnia at night, this is a great way to reduce that blue light that's coming from cellphones, TVs, computer screens

And you just pop these on You can still look at everything Just adjust to the color a little bit -And just put on your skis and go – There you go

– And you know, that's a great tool for folks I know that's available in eyeglasses, but for folks who don't wear eyeglasses or don't wanna go through that process, this is a great way to get that blue light protection -$10 – $10 On consumer reports, this is one of the better versions

And I've actually used these at night, 'cause I tended to They talk about the blue light at night and it causing insomnia That definitely is true with me

And the glasses really have been helpful -Excellent – This one, this is a children's version I think the adult is a purple box But this is a pressure-regulating earplug for people who suffer from migraines

So it may not always be the root of the cause for a migraine, but if you can help prevent migraines, this is another cheap one I think it's about $10 for a set of plugs that you can Go ahead

– I was just gonna say, people that That the changes in the weather, actually they notice that's what's causing their migraines, that's specifically what this is for, is for people who know that's the cause of their migraines And it's supposed to mitigate some of that

– Yeah, so if you see somebody in the office with earplugs, eyeglasses on, you know we're trying to get rid of the headaches – Inexpensive way to do that, if that works for them That's outstanding – Oh, yeah, fantastic This one I'll let you demonstrate, Dan

– Actually, I wanna show this before we're out of time – Oh yeah, no, please – This is something that isn't available yet But this is a new way to get your blood drawn And this is probably a couple of years out

But this is something that we just find very interesting It's a device that you can actually send to an individual at home And you put it on your shoulder, and it'll attach, and then over a couple of minutes, it'll actually draw the blood out and put it in here, and then you actually mail this back to the lab and they run the blood test -Oh my goodness – So for people that are afraid of getting venipunctures and so on, this is a fantastic technology

– Or need it very frequently, that's the other thing -Does this have to be prescribed by a physician, or how does that– – It's not even out yet So I imagine that's possible, yeah -Okay, we have about 30 seconds You've got one more thing you can show us

– Yeah, I'll go ahead and demonstrate this This one, again, you would wanna talk to your doctor before you were to order it, but you can get it, again, online, Amazon, 20 to 30 dollars And this is a cervical traction device where it actually just pumps up, relieves the neck pain So yeah, again, the glasses, a little cushion around your thing and your neck, and earplugs -Thank you so much for joining us again

– Thank you – And thank you so much for joining us That's all the time we have for today We hope you'll come back next week Until then, stay fit, stay well, and stay healthy for life with "Healthy Living for Life

" Have a great week -"Healthy Living for Life" is brought to you by Mountain-Pacific Quality Health We'd love to hear from you If you have suggestions for future programs, visit our website at MPQHForg, or call us at 406-443-4020

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