HEALTHY LIVING: Get Ready for Your Motorcycle Ride

Hey this is Dr Trapper Niccum with Thrive Chiropractic Studio here today to talk with to talk with you about Health Tips Before You Ride Regardless of your type of bike, these tips will help you have a healthy and safe ride

Here are the top 5 things you can do before you ride #1Make sure you spend 3-5 minutes before getting on the bike to warm up and stretch out to get your body moving get it warmed up #2 Make sure you are well hydrated

Even starting the night before have a little bit of extra water The morning of, extra water We are on the bike in the sun, the heat, the wind Make sure you are well hydrated #3

People don’t think about this one as much but regardless of your type of bike, make sure you have some type of hearing protection Custom plugs, generic ones, whatever works #4 Make sure that you are well fueled A goodmeal the morning of, the night before, preferably both

and #5 the last one, Make sure you are well rested Get a little bit of extra sleep the night before especially if it is going to be a long ride To get a complete list of our Motorcycle Health Tips, visit our website at wwwThriveChiro

com Thanks for listening— and have a Safe Ride!


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