Healthy Living | Healthy Ageing (movement & balance)

Hi, my name is Anne Part of Healthy Living and Healthy Ageing is movement

And I know you know that I wanted to share a few little experiences that I have had in my life that have become more and more important As I developed The Natural Facelift, at first it was about how to rejuvenate my face and then I became passionate about sharing this with you, empowering you With time, however, it became much more than that, it grew on me and now I am very passionate about sharing about Healthy Living and Healthy Ageing One experience I have had in my early 20's, I was walking behind an elderly lady and I still see that location in my mind's eye

She had difficulty walking and it really struck me that I was lucky, a) to be young and b) to be healthy and fit That lesson that this lady taught me, without knowing she did, remains with me still today I am very aware that I can walk without discomfort and without pain and I am very lucky However, I've made my own luck as well I have exercised throughout my life and I have been lucky enough to have loved swimming as a child and a teenager, I have played many sports, not fanatically but because I enjoyed them, I had gaps without and then I would do months or years again, exercising, and it was exercise, not just moving, like playing hockey and running and all these things and more

So my body has been trained to be fit, the muscles have been used a lot and that is what I want to share with you, that if you do not like exercise and the word, I see a lot of clients, no not for me, thank you, I don't like going to the gym, I don't like sweating You don't need to, it is about movement and when we are born, we are born to move, believe it or not Toddlers and even babies when they are crawling, they crawl very fast, and when they start walking they like to climb and even crawling they like to climb on the couch So children love to do all that and use their bodies Something changes in the later years, in our teenage years certainly where we are sitting at school behind desks and luckily that is changing a little bit more in today's world where there are more physical activities organized at school

In my day it wasn't, we were sitting behind the desk from 8 to 4, 4 days a week and then Wednesdays and Saturdays, believe it or not, from 8 to 12 We had some gymnastics and we had swimming once a week in the last three years of High School but that was about it then So it is important to keep moving and the technology we have at our disposal today is fabulous, however, it also nails us down to a chair more often So we sit, talking to our friends on the phone or on the computer, we watch movies, wherever we are, sitting on a chair We need to get out, it is important to go for a walk to the shops, it is important to climb the stairs, use a bicycle if you have one

We need to move our bodies It is made for it It also helps with general health, it helps all the organs and glands and the muscles to stay healthy and fit and alert So, when you need to run to catch the bus, you can do it, there is no discomfort, just an innate reflex and that's what we were born to do I encourage you, when you are at work sitting behind a desk, to set an alarm so that you get off your chair, if not every two hours, hopefully every hour to go and discuss a particular work issue with a colleague or to get a glass of water or, at lunch time, to walk around the block and not just sit at your desk and keep working which many of us have done in the past

Move, the other thing is balance Balance is also crucial as we age Many elderly people who have lost that sense of balance, they hesitate putting their feet down, they are not sure of the depth of vision because their eyes often are not a 100% anymore and they can't see if the gutter is high or lower so they hesitate and may catch the gutter with the toes and fall over They can sprain their ankle, hurt their knee, break their pelvic bone and all that is not good as you get older So I would urge you to keep working on your balance as well from a young age, and I am talking before you are 10 or 13, encourage your children, your grandchildren to do just that, balance on one foot, make it a game and if you can balance on one foot with your eyes closed, see how long you can do that

As we get older, it becomes shorter and shorter, so practice it, the brain adjusts to it You will be grateful when you are older that you can stand on one foot and that you can walk with strong muscles in your legs and the pelvic area I hope this is something that you can take on board and that it resonates with you I think it is important, and thank you for listening, bye


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