Here’s why 99% of people who lose weight will gain it back…

Hi, everyone, Dr Mike here

Today I want to talk to you about weight loss I've helped thousands of people achieve their weight loss goals and what I found is that most people have a lot of Misconceptions about what it takes to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle They think they need to starve themselvesonly eat [processed] low-fat foods in order to get their ideal weight This kind of Mindset towards weight loss and healthy living only leads to an unhealthy cycle of starving your body of necessary nutrients, then binge eating later on Consistent and long-term weight loss happens when you take a healthy approach towards achieving your goals One of the most important and impactful approaches to weight loss is through the mind That's why want to talk to you today about someone that I respect as an expert in the industry

Someone who has founded breakthroughs in the psychology and the neuroscience of SUSTAINABLE weight loss Dr Susan Thompson With a BA

in cognitive science and a PhD in brain and cognitive sciences She spent over 20 years studying the psychology and physiology of food addiction She is the founder of Bright Line Eating Solutions — a company dedicated to creating a world in which Anyone, anywhere who is truly ready to lose excess weight and keep it off long term

can do so by understanding the physiology of their brain and retraining their mindset Bright Line Eating changes lives And the changes go FAR beyond weight loss When people actually experience living integrity with their own choices, when they experience feeding their body Consistent healthy nutrition day in and day out when they really get that they can do this Something magical happens All the obsession with food is calmed and a huge space opens in their lives The shame around food is transformed into a vibrant energy that fills the space I know many of you are thinking, "So how does this affect the 17 Day Diet?" I have great news You [can] do both While the 17 Day Diet focuses on creating a healthy lifestyle

Susan's Bright Line Eating focuses on the physiology and psychological connection between your mind and food So if you feel like you're not seeing the weight loss results you want Maybe you don't have the right mindset It's absolutely Crucial to have the right mindset with following any diet plan especially the 17 Day Diet if this sounds like you, I highly encourage you to check out Susan Thompson's Bright Line Eating Click the link below to learn more This could be exactly what you need to give you that extra push to shed that stubborn weight – keep it off – and start living the healthy lifestyle you deserve Check it out You won't be disappointed


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