How to make Alsi Ke Ladoo | Flax seeds | अलसी के लडडू | Healthy Nutritious Ladoo

Hello Greetings, my name is Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi, What are you looking at? You must be thinking what has happened to me? This is because our Lord Ganesha's festival has arrived The season of making new varieties of dishes has arrived

I am making "Flax Seeds Ladoo" with jaggery First of all, take 1 cup of Flax seeds and roast it dry, saute the Flax Seeds well so that it is easy to grind The flax seeds is being roast and now I will roast it on this temperature When you get a uniform colour that means the Flax seeds are roasted well Do not roast Flax Seeds on high flame as their are chances of Flax seeds to be burned

So saute it on medium flame and when the temperature of pan is very hot remove it off the flame & roast it on the pan temperature To check the flax seeds, you can press it, if the seeds crack(crunch) that means flax seeds are roasted Flax seeds are ready now, I will grind the flax seeds coarsely So the flax seeds have been grinded coarsely Next step, add 1 Tbsp of Ghee in a pan, add 2 Tbsp of chopped Cashewnuts, 1 Tbsp of Raisins, saute it well till slight brown

When Cashew nuts are slight brown at that time add Flax seeds powder and saute it for a while If you saute well in ghee it enhances the flavor, after sauteing in ghee add 3/4 cup of grated Jaggery, if you are not able to bind it add more jaggery, add a pinch of Cardomom Powder, add a pinch of Nutmeg Powder, remove the pan aside & turn off the flame and saute it in the temperature of the pan till the Jaggery gets melt Jaggery has been melted now Take a plate and grease it with ghee so that the mixture does not stick to the plate Rest the mixture for 15-20 minutes till it comes on the room temperature

Keep folding the mixture and you will understand when it is ready to make ladoo's It will take approximately 15 minutes When the mixture cool downs it is easy to make the ladoos You also have a option of making plain ladoo which can be made instantly, other option can be to coat the ladoos in desiccated Coconut So the Flax Seeds Ladoo are ready in 2 variations, one is plain & other one is coated with desiccated Coconut

This Ganesh Chaturthi do not worry, make this type of recipes and enjoy eating Bindaas (freely) in Mumbai language This way every time I will bring new recipes for you, So go & SUBSCRIBE my YouTube channel and click on the BELL ICON to get instant notifications of my channel


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