How To Make Healthy Vegan and Vegetarian Burgers – Chickpeas and Veggies Burgers

if you're either a vegan a vegetarian or an omnivorous you are going to love these delicious chickpea and veggie burgers Coming up a new recipe on Health me Food

Welcome back everybody today I'm going to explain how I prepare my chickpeas and veggie burgers if you are new to this channel I am a nutrition and lifestyle coach and here you can find healthy tips, healthy advice and healthy recipes, like this one, so if you are new to this channel please consider subscribing and click the bell to get updates on new videos For this recipe I'm going to use 250 grams or drained canned chickpeas, 80 grams of canned sweet corn, a small bunch of coriander 4 o 5 leaves of sage a white a red an orange carrot I got from a mix box on the organic supermarket, one onion, a clove of garlic ,40 grams of corn flour 40 grams of wholegrain flour, oh did you see the dog? Lazy, cheeky assistant on the run Doing nothing, but running as usual What I was saying? Yes! 40 grams of all wholemeal flour flowers and 40 grams of bread crumbs I'm also accompanying the burgers with some homemade Tzatziki and some slices of tomatoes you will find the instruction later in this video how to prepare the Tzatziki so let's start now with all the ingredients First you roughly chop the carrots and the onions we need to soute' everything in a bit of extra virgin olive oil in a pan

Stir while cooking and you'll have a homogeneous cooking it It will take only 5 minutes now we add everything into my cheap, old useless, food processor Yes I need to buy a new one Okay we start with the intermittent button because we don't want it too smooth We want some nice chunky pieces of vegetables to chew in the final burger and put the result in a bowl after a fast cleaning on the cheap, old, food processor hyah

I add the chickpeas, sweetcorn, the sage the coriander all chopped by hand Then the garlic, the cornflour, the whole grain flour, and the breadcrumb to add the nice flavors also adding some spices: Garam Masala, cumin and some black pepper then a pinch of salt at the end so you start to grind with the intermittent button and then after a bit with normal intensity Throughout the process you can give a little stir to mix well all the ingredients Then put the results in the bowl where we already have the souted vegetables and mix all together with a spoon then it's time to get your hands dirty and you start to work with the mix with your hopefully washed hands then take a bit of mix and give it a ball shape, of the desired quantity and slowly give them a burger shape From the mix I prepared about four big veggie burgers

Now all goes in the fridge to set up for about 30 or 40 minutes Meanwhile we prepared it's a Tzatziki To preprare the Tzatziki I use 250 grams of Greek yogurt and if you are vegan of course you can use the vegetables one ,the vegan yogurt, a thumble long piece of cucumber, a clove of garlic and some extra virgin olive oil I start to cut the cucumber in very small pieces I want it nice and small, but the same time the one to use the food processor as I want to have those crunchy bits after working for a while with a knife and tell the ball to get away from me Did you see I slapped the Yogurt bowl? I drained the cucumber with some kitchen paper, and then added to the yogurt and then gave it a little stir

give it a little stir Then I add some extra virgin olive oil and I chop the garlic finely Mix again everything all together and the Tzaztiki is ready to go in the fridgeuntil dinnertimearrives Now I just slice some Tomatoes to be added as a condiment and a source of vitamin C so on the iron present in the legumes can be absorbed easily Now it's time to cook the burgers and heat it up a small amount of oil and I could put 2 burgers at the time and the lower-middle heat in a pan Turn on the other side after two or three minutes and repeat the process one more time to pick each side perfectly If you want to go full vegan skip the cheese I added at the end or use vegan cheese

These are two small pieces of Parmesan If you are a vegetarians go for it If you are an omnivorous you don't care anyway so why bother!! We're almost ready while you can see my nice feet, in agony, waiting to eat the burgers, you can also prepare your side salad with some spinach, black olives, and sweet corn The bun is already in the plate so I spread some Tzatziki then I add the burgers with the two slices of tomatoes and a bit more of Tzatziki at the top And that's it! This is the final result I really hope you enjoyed the recipe as I enjoyed the burger for dinner

Eh Eh! Remember to subscribe, to click the bell and follow me on the social networks all the links are in the description It's everything for now, so I see you next Wednesday I am left to say: Eat well, Live well and Smile Bye


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