Sustain Nutrition, how to read food labels part 2 after our previous video of how to read food labels we thought we would back it up except this time instead of talking about the proteins carbs the fats and the calories this time we're going to talk to you through ingredients so you feel products is going to have a list of ingredients some things some to this so this is a pasta sauce so our ingredients tomatoes sometimes they'll say brackets how much of it is a 76% tomato paste 11% onions sugar, corn flour generic stuff that you expect from a tomato sauce Tomatoes The key thing to look at is that the order that these ingredients come in, so the majority of the food is going to be first one so tomato sauce you would expect to see tomato but then as the amounts of ingredients gets smaller smaller that's the further they come down in the list so look at this one you've got a tomatoes, tomato paste, onions then sugar so people see sugar they think oh my god that's really really bad but when you look at where it is on the ingredients and they look at the nutritional info which you know how to read due to the last video previous video you can kind of assess it's not really a lot of sugar this so just because it's got sugar in the ingredients doesn't mean that it's gonna necessarily be a bad thing so then the further down corn flour lemon juice salt, you can see the lower down the list we get list the smaller the about of these foods that's gonna be there like you're not gonna play 5 heaped tablespoons of herbs into a jar of sauce because that would be disgusting! so just looking at a the first thing on first few ingredients be the bulk of whatever it is they eating and then the further down so you can kind of look at this see sugar right so that's seventy six percent that is eleven percent understand that's 87 percent already gone of the ingredients then onions take up a little bit room so then sugar how much is going to be that you can look back at the nutritional value and kind of assess what percentage of that dish is sugar so that is basically how to look at ingredients list first first things biggest things lasting smallest things works it's way down from there So bonus tip when you are looking at the ingredients of foods is sometimes they'll try to be a bit sneaky and it might sneak things in there we don't really know and out so don't sound like what they are so basically anything that ends in an OSE as a general rule of thumb it's going to be a sugar fructose dextrose glucose and so on off so anything that end in an OSE is probably gonna be of sugar and also anything that's a syrup so weather that is date syrup basically any kind of syrup it's going to be a sweetener so if you see something that has sugar the ingredients then dextrose then sugar syrup any kind of syrup then they are putting like three or four different types of sugars in there so I went to watch out for watch out for the OSE, thus concludes part two of how to read food labels


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