Park Min Young only runs this diet for 3 days, not recommended and I only do it for 1 day 1 consumption of apples with their skin 2

can eat as many apples as you want 3 eat little by little when hungry hi everyone! back to my vlog diet again as you see now it's 902 in the morning and now I'm eating apples the apple is big enough, as big as my hand I eat it pretty slowly so I'm speeding up the video because many people comment that I eat fast actually I don't eat this fast the problem is it's better to be a bit bored if you just watch me eat it in this video so I accelerated the video By the way, about the diet, Min Young Park I should have taken this diet for 3 days but the tips are just one day diet because I can't stand eating apples all day because I really like to eat salty foods (kaik meatballs, nasi padang, etc :,) so I can't continue this diet, wkkkkk as you see, my dog ​​is always on my diet vlog I don't know why if I eat he likes to ask me so I'm finally for my apple with him even though I'm on a diet and the matter of extreme diet ala kpop I always have yo-yo effects after diet after the kpop diet I usually drop a few pounds but turning to the normal BB he admitted it was also quite fast because I really like to eat I'm the type of person who eats what I want to eat so after I stopped the diet, I would be back to normal again I also like to panic when I see my bb rising but because I like to make diet vlog kpop I eat whatever I want to eat then the kpop-style diet again because this is my job lol Now I want to discuss his diet, Min Young Park first, in my opinion this diet is also quite extreme because you can only eat apples for a day but of course you can also drink water but I still feel a little hungry because the taste of the apple is just sweet so want to eat salty food but the delicious diet is that you can eat as many apples as you want but I don't feel really hungry compared to diet, soyou diet, and other extreme diet style kpop This diet is still ok, maybe because it only works for 1 day but this diet isn't easy too because it's not easy just to eat apples for a day because surely I want to eat other foods but the apple made it quite full especially if you drink a glass of water after you eat an apple you will feel a little distended because I like to eat, so I get up quickly so sometimes I feel a diet like this makes my body a temporary break from all the food I eat and also makes my body lighter I don't recommend you to take this diet for a long time because eating apples just won't have the nutrients you need in 1 day and in the end you will feel hungry and your body will feel lemes you will go down the bb but Remember, the faster your BB goes down, the faster your BB will return to normal I am very impressed with idols and Korean artists who can live a strict diet even though they are very busy and have a lot of activities I've tried many kinds of diets in the style of kpop artists and idols but nothing is suitable for me for a long time I was successful in dropping my bb after the diet but I returned to normal again when I returned to eating as usual so if you want to maintain your bb it will be really difficult because your body is used to eating small portions, so you have to keep eating a little for your bb not going up to the end so if you eat a little more than you normally eat while on a diet BB you will rise again 1 thing that really helped me when the diet was to drink more water I feel that if I drink lots of water, my metabolic rate will rise I used to like eating apples, but after going on this diet I became irritated with apples :,) if you like watching diet vlogs like this, don't forget to subscribe to my channel like this video, and also share with your friends or your family I'm really trying to upload the vlog diet once a week but sometimes I want to just take a break from the diet and the diet vlogs need a few hours for me to film so in 1 day I ate as many as 3 Fuji apples (which are super big)


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