Liquid Diet Weight Loss Tips

Liquid Diets for Weight Loss What is a Liquid Diet? A liquid diet is a diet that has no solid foods It is usually prescribed by physicians for people who have gastrointestinal illness and could also be recommended for people who will be undergoing surgery involving the gastrointestinal tract or mouth

It has been used as a means of helping those who want to lose weight Liquid diets usually replace partial or full meals with fluids There are different types of liquid dietsósome may require a dieter to replace two meals with liquids while some require total fluid consumption How It works for weight loss Through the liquid diet, a personís caloric intake is controlled by restricting solid foods and taking in liquids only There are liquid diets that contain purely fluids such as juice and shake in place of meals

There are also other types of liquid diets that let you replace a meal or two with just drinks but to ensure a healthy and balanced diet, dinner is reserved for full meals Although liquid diets are mostly prescribed by doctors, there are also liquid diet products that can be bought over the counter Because liquid diets aids in burning fat in the body, a person can lose 3 to 4 pounds of weight in a weekís time In a liquid diet, a person will only take in 400 to 800 calories in a day for over 12 weeks Since the body will be leaning on liquids for its nutrition the stomach will soon begin to get used to eating small amounts of food

Although it is by far the easiest to follow and implement diet when it comes to losing weight, it still not recommended for long-term use for weight loss


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