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Last time when I posted 'The Indian Diet Plan' a lot of you said that you like the diet and you're going to start it A lot of you started as well

There were good results in four to five days You all asked me what must be done after the fifteen day diet is over I'm going to give you a follow up diet plan in this episode The most important part of these two diets in 'ACV' That is Apple Cider Vinegar

A lot of you have many doubts about it Questions like, "It is acidic, right? How can you suggest that?" A lot of people asking if it should be drank with warm or cold water It becomes alkaline as soon as it enters your body You can always Google the benefits of apple cider vinegar Basically, apple cider vinegar is extremely beneficial

It helps improve gut health and digestion It helps as a fat burner It also helps with sore throats There are a lot of advantages to this You will not have any side effects

You will not get any deficiencies ACV has only one side effect Do you know what it is? It affects your tooth enamel It also causes erosion But that can be easily avoided

The process I am going to tell you now also helps with that Never consume apple cider vinegar directly Always dissolve it in one cup of water and drink There will be no side effects You can drink it with a straw

There will be minimal contact with your teeth if you drink it with a straw gargle your mouth with some regular water after you drink it Answering a few more questions "This is going to be a tough diet Can we do it or not?" Simply because I am not asking you to eat raw foods or stick to juices I've told you about the smoothie diet and the banana diet It's not that tough, right? We have things to eat at the right time and at regular intervals

How will you get results even if such easy instructions are nor followed? Please tell me There's a fixation that, "There is no rice consumption" That is not the staple diet in many other countries Are they not happy and fit? Always keep in mind whenever you start a diet or a workout If you lose the battle in your mind You will for sure lose during the diet

Will my tummy become flat in fifteen days? "How much weight will I lose?" That's your question, right? You can't increase your tummy size in fifteen days, right? How will it become flat in fifteen days? When I say you will see results, what I meant was if you are someone with a normal metabolism and healthy you can lose three to four kilograms with this diet Few people can lose only two kilograms It depends on those factors But, this is just a kick start Take this as a kick start for your fitness journey

You will get some sort of result from this, right? Once you see the result, you yourself will get the feeling of continuing That motivation has to be created by yourself You have to commit The thing with weight reduction is that It is not a destination Seeing results and having thoughts like, "Is this permanent?" or "If I start eating like I used to, will I put on weight again?" You will obviously put on This is a body

Flesh and blood Like a statue that's been made, how can you think it will stay permanent? And since your body reflects what you eat, If you are someone who's seeing this video first and haven't seen the 'Indian Diet Plan' video please watch that first You can do that first, or do this first It can be interchanged First, let me tell you whatever is mandatory in the diet

I mentioned the same in the other diet as well As soon as you wake up, mix one teaspoon of dalchini chekka powder with some honey to make a thick paste Eat that first As soon as you wake up A lot of people will have this doubt whether it should be had before or after brushing since I said "as soon as you wake up"

You can have it after brushing There is no problem with that Eat that first After giving a gap of half an hour It can be half an hour or a one hour gap Depending on your convenience

The next item is Take one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, mix it with one glass of water and drink it Have breakfast as soon as you drink it It's okay if it delays by about fifteen minutes The options that you can have during breakfast are You will have to choose one from the options I give you Have only that for the day

You can choose something else for the next day from the list I give you Our options are You will have to eat pesarattu with some curd Or you can have it with pudina chutney You can have sprouts raw if you want to

Or you can even steam it add some onions, tomatoes, chaat masala, lime etc making it a little spicy; that is also fine So these are your six options for breakfast You can pick any one for each day You can eat it till you feel full

After breakfast, we have the mid-morning time I will tell you what you can then later Let's go to lunch first Just before lunch time, like before, have one tablespoon apple cider vinegar with one tablespoon of water The things we can have during lunch are among these things where you again pick one option for the day

You can select something else from the list for the next day Millet seeds Milo seeds With either of those seeds you can make chapatis or kichidi, whichever you prefer The third option is Samak

They call it 'sama' in Telugu You can make it like an upma and eat it That is something people usually eat during the time of fasting I will add a link to it in the description box You can have a look there and buy it

Upma made from that is fine If you are going to make chapatis from millet and milo seeds the vegetables you can eat it with are You can choose any vegetable from the five options and can make a light curry with it It's up to you actually But make sure you consume only one table spoon of oil a day Be it olive oil or any other oil

Only one tablespoon It's better to try and avoid using oil while making chapatis Even in the curry It's better to add as less oil as possible and make little of it Simply because if you want to add some oil for your sprouts during your breakfast or for dinner, you can

After lunch, it's tea time Try to finish up your tea time as soon as possible so that you will have ample time before starting dinner Try to wrap up tea time by 430, 500 pm

You can make your tea how you usually make it You can use regular milk if you don't have low-fat milk But use very less Don't use sugar You can try any other replacement for sugar instead

You can use sweeteners like those After tea time, comes dinner Have one spoon of apple cider vinegar mixed with water before dinner time The options we have for dinner are You can use any vegetables for a mixed vegetable soup

Avoid potatoes during the diet period Don't have potatoes You can use other vegetables, make it into a soup and have it In the middle of breakfast, lunch and dinner Whatever gaps are there, I said I will tell you what you can eat then, right? Along with this diet, we must consume six tomatoes

That's your choice You can add chilies if you want to spice it up They say people with thyroid issues should not eat cabbage Or they can't eat cabbage if they're facing similar problems You can add lettuce instead

Make the same kind of salad with lettuce and you can eat it Eat two bowls a day Along with that, you should have two glasses of unsweetened soy milk You can also have two to three glasses of buttermilk How you make the buttermilk is that Mix a lot of water with the curd and make it diluted

There has to be less curd And in that you need to add It's your wish if you want to add green chilies, curry leaves etc But the first three ingredients have to be added You have the six tomatoes, right? You can have it any form You can have it as a raw salad

You can make a rasam out of it You can add it to the samak upma which I mentioned earlier and eat it If not, you can always make it a soup and have it The basic concept is that you have to consume six tomatoes Now

If you follow whatever I said as it is you will see results guaranteed Saying, "You will lose 10 kilograms in 10 days" Don't think that And if there are diets and videos that show you so First of all you won't get such results Even if you achieve it Is it that simple to lose ten kilograms in ten days? We're all educated

You have to think about it yourselves Eat healthy Eat healthy, and it's okay if the results are slow follow diets like this The options that I gave you, those which have to be eaten through the day You can have these sometime during mid-morning, or from lunch time to tea time, or whenever you feel hungry I've only given you the list; the foods which you have to compulsorily eat through the day

Apart from breakfast, lunch and dinner, whatever has to be eaten in the middle can be had at your convenience "What must I do after completing this diet?", is your question; right? You're already following the first diet, right? This is diet number two I'm hoping you will all successfully complete this fifteen plus fifteen days diet So the first thing you have to do is Take a cheat day

Eat whatever you've been craving for happily on this day When I say 'back to track' fist thing you have to do is check your weight You will have an idea of how much you've lost It's great if you've reached your target weight You can choose and follow either one of the diets if you want

Or, if you want to go back to your regular food habit Even though you've gone through a bit of weight loss, you will want to maintain the weight you're in What I suggest to maintain yourself at your current weight is to follow my 80-20 diet Consistently maintaining my target weight, even after so many years, is because of the 80-20 diet It's a very simple diet

I'll add the link to the diet in the description box You can watch follow it The thing with that diet is You won't gain weight You will also lose weight slowly Not immediately

You will lose it gradually If you have any doubts regarding this diet And I'll have a look, and even if it's late, I will reply I will write the details of the diet completely in the description You can read that and plan the diet


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