Hello everyone, My name is Priti Nath Guru Today I've come with Fluid plan, by following this plan you can reduce up to 1 Kg in 1 day But before that i would like to request you all to not to follow too many plan in 1 month Rather follow only 1-2 plan in 1 month I would not advice this Fluid Plan for the BP patients to follow Also would not advice this plan for the person suffering from joint pain & water retention Or if you any other medical problem then you must not follow any plan Unless you are medically fit then only you can follow any plan By following this plan you can get 1 kg weight reduction instantly But to maintain that plan you have to keep some precautions at the 2nd and 3rd day This plan even works when you attend any marriage function or party And when you have instantly put on the weight due to marriage function or party To reduce that weight, this plan is helpful Let's see how to follow this plan Begin with Lemonade or 1 Cup Tea in early morning Take approx 1 Cup Skimmed or Double Toned Milk in Breakfast In Mid meal you can take either any lemonade Butter Milk but make sure its home made rather market one Preferably its prepared with Skimmed or Double Toned Milk In lunch you can take soup In evening at the time of Tea either take Milk, Lemonade or Butter Milk as per your preferences You can also take Soups in the dinner Here I would suggest you to have clear soup rather taking ready made soups You can check out my video where I've share the recipes of soups Here you can vary the vegetables as per their season At the place of lemonade you can also take carrot juice at the time of mid meal or evening tea time You can increase the quantity of Soup and can add 2-3 bowl soups more in it But make sure that you take clear soup, vegetable soup That was 1 day fluid plan, 2nd day you can add fruits in your diet You can also add raw or cooked vegetables provided you cook with minimum amount of Oil On 2nd day you can also take Salad 3rd day you can introduce Chapati and vegetable in your diet & can have them in lunch Take normal breakfast But make sure you introduce Protein at the 3rd day after the plan That means protein will be included in your diet at the 4th day On 4th day you'll be on normal diet I hope you'll be able to maintain this weight reduction & will have maximum benefit with it If you like this video, do like and share my video Do subscribe to my channel & also post your comments in the comment section below in case of any query Thank you very much


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Fat burning Foods

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