Meal Prep Mania: Free & Healthy Summertime Recipes!

Hi guys welcome back to my channel it's Friday and another rendition of meal prep mania let's go! so I did a lot of networking this week so I ate out a lot and don't fret if that's your case to just try to make healthy decisions lean meats salads without the dressing just try to make good decisions that being said I have two brandy new recipes for you and one oldie but a goodie all are summertime healthy you know heat friendly because it is so hot in San Diego right now I'm dripping as we speak this is like me glistening with sweat so let's get started the first is a spicy chicken pita if you are gluten free no worries just use a gluten free wrap or throw it into a bowl if you are carb conscious because this has about 19 grams of carbs per half wrap some of those are from the veggies use a low-carb wrap option you can head to BrieOCDcom I have both the links and photos of both of these wrap options this is filled with chicken zucchini bell peppers and then the best part is this chili garlic sauce so it is a little bit spicy if you don't like spice you can take out the spice but it's the best part of this recipe so it is really really good low fat has about 210 calories per half pita as I mentioned before 19 grams of carbs there are ways to reduce that and it's just really easy to make really simple healthy let's go perfect summertime recipe next up Mexican tostadas so these tostadas you do turn on the broiler but that doesn't heat up your house and it's really quick because you're only charring the onions so tostada is basically like a corn shell at the bottom so gluten free thank you I appreciate it hello I am NOT gluten free for anybody who wonders but it's just an easy option that I can give to my following because I know a lot of people have issues but a tostada is like a corn shell and I bought the ones that were already hard so you didn't have to on the oven however you can do that if you want to its these onions that you char under the broiler it is beans and then I did shredded chicken in the instant pot don't fear if you don't have an instant pot you can use the crock pot it just takes a while longer it takes five to six hours in the crock pot as opposed to 30 minutes in the instant pot but I will put the links in the description below for my favorite crock pot and instant pot so again this is shredded chicken you use these shredded claws from that oxo makes link below that just make this process so much easier so this takes about 45 minutes to make because the chicken takes 30 minutes in the instant pot and then you have to you know shred it but this has about 298 calories per tostada I usually eat two I do three ounces of the meat on there which equals six total when you eat two but the best part is you can customize this to whatever needs macros that you have its totally customizable with how much meat you put on top if you're vegetarian just don't put the meat this is delicious it has arugula cherry tomatoes black beans or whatever beans that you prefer and then the nice tostada shells so head to BrieOCD

com for that recipe and last up is my favorite avocado egg burgers you know lean ground meat no bun so carb friendly lean ground organic beef with a nice piece of light cheese egg you do like an over easy egg so all the juices run down and some avocado getting those healthy fats in so head to BrieOCDcom for that and you can serve that with a spinach tomato side again that's on the website as well and links will be in the description below but I hope you enjoy this again if you eat out like I had to this week just make good choices lean meats you know veggies salad no dressing and if you end up screwing up just make a better decision next time it's not the end of the world just get back on that train you got this health is a journey it's progress not perfection you know every day is a new day and an opportunity for you to make a better decision so if you like my channel give me a thumbs up subscribe please you can do it right yeah hit that button subscribe tell your friends I hope you have a great day happy Friday health is wealth make those healthy decisions hit me up with any questions that you have and I hope you have a great day peace


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