Mental Health and Healthy Living

Could you talk a little bit more about the behavior side of these difficult lifestyle strategies that sometimes patients get bogged on with Absolutely so something we don't really talk about a lot is is mental health we talk a lot about exercise nutrition etc but unless we address the person as a whole being including mental health it's very difficult to help to have somebody make those changes without going on with knowing what's going on in their lives and that takes that takes a lot of resources and time and effort we're not to connect with folksso we have lots of experts out there mental health experts exercise experts nutrition experts once you get the foundation for some of these things that's a good starting point anyway

And plenty of times when a patient is being elaborated for the specific strategies to be implemented for for weight loss and health our healthy living etc having that component available of a mental health expert can be so crucial wouldn't you say where the understanding and sort of the diving in as to the why you've developed this unhealthy lifestyle and and how that can be curved sometimes it takes a lot more behavior modification and psychological treatment than other modalities wouldn't you say Absolutely so in order to really help someone who's in needs a lot of help from from a physical standpoint you really need to dive in a little bit deeper into what's going on I mean you don't know if if this patient has had a loved one that just passed away who's lost a job who's maybe caring for kids on their own so unless you take all those components into account you can't tell someone to go exercise and eat better because they're really not gonna care at that point


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