okay so this is kind of what I've put in most of my salads I've got some kale spinach some green beans snap peas mushrooms onion tomato oh and cucumber and so we're just going to chop this all up and when I finish that that is gonna be the making of the salad and then we'll move on to the chicken I know this is a little weird having a pan here but I'm just gonna show you how to make the sauce for the chicken so you can kind of eyeball all these groups together but pretty eyes give me a tablespoon of splash of apple cider vinegar and a splash of red wine vinegar okay and then we're going to sprinkle in some onion powder some minced dried onion a little bit of garlic powder and some hot mexican chilli powder and to spice it up a bit we're gonna use some cayenne pepper also mrs dash makes amazing salt free spices and stuff like that so this is neat Fiesta lime right then we're going to take the juice oops right here okay so I've never done a cooking video like this before if you save one half for the dressing that we're gonna make it's very similar to the sauce that we're cooking okay then you can just okay we're also going to add in a jalapeno and I'm gonna use one for our single person you really only need half but I'm just going to cut this up just like that maybe not even half maybe quarter oh my spicy tonight okay so now we're going to put this and simmer it on our stove and I also have some leftover chicken from last night you can use whatever you want you doesn't even have to be chicken you can use shrimp or tofu if you want I'm just gonna slice this up and prepare it to go into our skillet I also added some dry so I'll show to our sauce that's optional not everyone likes it I know it's an acquired taste so we're going to add this to our skillet and alright so spicy sauce is heating up and I'm just going to add in our chicken and I'm gonna add some more lime juice to this just to bring me more liquid into you can okay so this dressing is really yummy and it's a low-fat creamy dressing but we're actually using 0% Greek yogurt so there's no fatness and it's just gonna give it a nice base so I'm going to use and I added my excess that way it wasn't overpowering the coin okay I'm going to use this is all to taste I like things to taste garlicky so I'm going to use some garlic powder and a little bit of onion powder cayenne again it's very similar like I said to eat chicken and some Mexican chili you could also use human if you like and then I'm also going to go back in with a little bit of Dijon like I said you can eyeball these thanks some apple cider vinegar and I also put fresh black pepper on my salad we're actually going to use just a splash of balsamic vinegar you got a very nice pink dressing okay they have to dress this salad I'm going to just put a splash of apple cider vinegar straight on to my salad just because I want it to kind of balance out the creaminess then you can put on the chicken that we prepared it's just so good this is like my favorite salad all right then put the creamy dressing right then I'm going to use some salsa this is Enrico's chunky salt and salt salsa and it's no salsa added in two tablespoon it only has ten calories you're of fat 75 milligrams of sodium and two carbohydrates which and which is one sugar so I'm just going into my kids overdose this is my finished salad as you can see a lot going on but it is my favorite one to make kind of gives me little metabolism boost all the peppers and everything so I'm gonna go enjoy this and I'll talk to you girls students let me know how you guys like it bye


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